Hooniverse Asks- What’s the Most Awesome ‘70s IMSA Racer?


The International Motor Sports Association, or IMSA was born in 1969, out of SCCA and NASCAR. From those humble beginnings grew one of America’s most audacious, if not its best known racing series. Bill France, who had founded NASCAR, wanted to take on road racing as well. Partnering with SCCA exec John Bishop, along with Bishop’s wife, Peggy, they together formed IMSA. The series’ first race was held at Pocono Raceway in 1969 featuring Formula Ford and Formula Vee entrants, but those humble beginnings paved the way for the series most well known class, the GT series, which eventually hosted some of the wildest and most jaw dropping modifieds ever to touch a track.

The seventies may have been a horrible era for cars on the street, but it rocked for those on the track, and IMSA’s GT series fielded even more awesome contenders year after year. Did you know that in the early ’80s Ford fielded a front-mid engined Mustang in IMSA’s GTP class? That car in 1981 gave Ford’s Mustang its first factory-backed racing victory since 1970 and Trans Am.

I’m sure that you appreciate the audacious beauty of the IMSA car, no matter who the manufacturer might be. What we want today is your opinion on which one you think is the most wild, and hence of course, the most awesome. 

Image source: 1Zoom

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