Hooniverse Asks- What's the Greatest Unsung Hipster Ride?

Sixties American iron – for the longest time they were generally considered to be overweight, under-braked behemouths with the handling prowess of warm Play-doh.  And that was just the compacts. Up through the eighties, what had been the most mundane of the sixties family sedans and two-door coupes seemed destined only to be junk yard fodder, or rolling mansions for the mentally unhinged. But then something happened. What happened was the grunge scene ran its course and young middle-class urbanites needed another way to differentiate themeselves in a unique conformity, and hence the hipster, or scenester movement was born.  Hipsters can be identified by their bachelor of arts degrees, as well as their retro affectations, part of which is made up by the cars they drive. It’s hard to look hipster, even while wearing your vintage flannel and nerd-glasses, when driving a Boxster or M3 – not that any of them could afford either – but in a ’68 Galaxie or vintage Dart everything falls into place. The sixties in the U.S. was like the Cambrian explosion of car makes and models, and while many of the cars that debuted during that turbulent time are historically important and desirable to auto enthusiasts, there are tons that came and went without much fanfare, and are to this day waiting to be discovered for their antiestablishment hipness. The joke goes – why did the hipster burn his mouth on a piece of pizza? Because he ate it before it was cool. That’s the Hipster ethos- glom onto a fad before anyone else does – establishing it rather than simply participating in it. Hence those big-ass macrame hats. What we want to know is, what sixties ( or even seventies) car do you think is an undiscovered gem, and something that a hipster would define as as-yet uncool, but still could be. What’s the greatest undiscovered hipster car?

Image source: [diecastaircraftforum.com]

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