Hooniverse Asks- What’s the Craziest Commissioned Car?

ferrari456veniceconvert To say that the Sultan of Brunei has a few bucks is like saying that McDonalds has sold a few burgers. In fact, Hassanal Bolkiah, who has ruled the Middle Eastern nation since 1967, is filthy rich. That of course allows for the Sultan to pretty much get anything he wants, and one of the things that really gets the Sultan swinging is having tony car makers like Ferrari and Rolls Royce create special one-off models for him from their already exclusive models. Commissioned cars are yet another advantage of the uber-wealthy, something that separates the monied from the rest of us riffraff. Few of us could ever afford even the least dear of Ferrari models, fresh from the factory. People like our friend, the Sultan not only don’t think twice about such a purchase, they even get Ferrari to build them something the company vowed they never would, like a wagon or four-door version of a top of the line tourer. Of course Middle Eastern potentates aren’t the only ones making it rain at high-end car makers and getting their dream machines in return. There are celebs, English footballers, and others that also get the red carpet – if that’s what you want – treatment. We’ve seen a vast number of such one-off cars that have been commissioned by their eventual owners, and for today’s question, I’d like to know is which one do you think is the most outrageous, the most audacious. We can’t afford ’em, but we can rank ’em. What in your opinion is the craziest commissioned car? Image: onlycarsandcars

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