Hooniverse Asks- What’s The Coolest Lincoln Your Washingtons Could Buy?

Today being President’s Day here in Amerika it gives us an opportunity to reflect on some occupiers of the White House that history and accomplishment have allowed us to venerate. Of course, this being Hooniverse, we’re actually more interested in their automotive namesakes and as the Washington Car is excessively obscure, we’re going to focus on the brand named for the other birthday boy – Lincoln. 

Lincoln was founded in 1915 by Henry M. Leland – who coincidentally also founded Cadillac making him the great-great grandfather of all our current American luxury offerings. Ford bought Lincoln in 1922, eager in anticipation of positioning the brand against Cadillac, which was the re-named Henry Ford Company from which he had been forcibly removed way back in 1902. Over the decades the company has offered everything from the most expensive American car at the time (the ’56-’57 Continental Mark II) to luxury pickups and the current standard setter for the livery industry. 

They’ve also been venerated in song, have been the subject of an early rocker – Hot Rod Lincoln. While that song describes a Model A infused with Lincoln V8 goodness, the brand itself has offered up a plethora of product that are as lust worthy as any. And so, on this day when we celebrate Presidents Washington and Lincoln, I want to know which cars named for the latter would be most worth spending bills featuring the former? What’s the Coolest Lincoln ever?

Image: [tristatedragway]

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