Hooniverse Asks- What’s the Coolest Civilian Vehicle Derived From a Military one?

duk11 So, yesterday over for Nice Price or Crack Pipe on Jalopnik, we had this beast. Yeah, I’ll give you a minute… Okay, let’s come back. Over here, snap, snap, snap, there you go. Of course anything that starts out in the military is going to be all kinds of awesome in civilian life, but what about the cars and trucks – well, pretty much just trucks – that have fully made the transition to post-military engagement, which one of those is the most awesome? If you think about it, some of our most favorite, and most butch, vehicles started out as military rides. The Land Rover, Mercedes Gelandewagen, Hummer H1 and perhaps most famously, the Kaiser Jeep all began their tours of duty as military support vehicles. The Jeep’s name – CJ – even stands for its transition: Civilian Jeep. Those aren’t the only vehicles to make the switch from war to peace, as a lot of what made them great during conflict is also of value when the shooting stops. But which one is the coolest? Do you think the Jeep, perhaps the most famous of former military rides hold the crown? Or, do you vote for a more obscure candidate? What do you think is the coolest civilian vehicle that has come from a military background? Image: focustransport

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