Hooniverse Asks: What's the Coolest Car Nickname?

Names are important. Shakespeare averred otherwise in Romeo and Juliet writing that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but what does he know, he’s dead. When it comes to cars there’s frequently two names applied – that which is the formal name given by it maker, and that which is its affectionate nickname, given by its fans. Often times that second sobriquet is a condensed version of the official name, like ‘Vette for Corvette, or ‘Stang for Mustang. On occasion however, cars may gain their nickname based on a notable achievement, unique feature, or historical aspect. Once in a while the nickname actually takes prominence over the official moniker, a prime example of that would be Volkswagen’s “Beetle.”
Can you think of some of your favorite automobile nicknames – either those given to the model as a whole or a specific special example? What do you think is the coolest car nickname?
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62 responses to “Hooniverse Asks: What's the Coolest Car Nickname?”

  1. GregariousG Avatar

    Bentley Blue Train

  2. nanoop Avatar

    In Norwegian, the Beetle/Bug has the cute nickname ‘boble’, meaning ‘bubble’. But for English language coolness, turn to the Land Shark:

    1. Telecinese Avatar

      The VW Typ 1 is surely the world champion for cute national nicknames. I found it a cool move by VW to have the (new) new beetle be officially named by the most famous nickname in each country (Fusca in Brazil, Käfer in Germany, etc).

  3. tonyola Avatar

    Ferrari Daytona. The official name for the car was 365 GTB/4.

  4. Kiefmo Avatar

    Can we do race cars?
    Moby Dick

    1. nanoop Avatar

      That would provoke a lot of 70ies stuff… Rote Sau (MB), Die Sau (P-car), Black Widow (Opel), Black Coffin (Opel again)… just from the top of my head.
      Not that this is explicitly disallowed!

          1. nanoop Avatar

            Ah, that’s what you call it!

        1. Tanshanomi Avatar

          Somewhat related, was “The Beast of Turin” its official name, or a nickname?

          1. jim Avatar

            The official name was Fiat S76.

          2. P161911 Avatar

            Actually more closely related to the Chitty Chitty Bang Bangs below. (with the emphasis on BANG BANG!)

          3. Tanshanomi Avatar

            I was thinking more of the names: monster, beast…

          4. Sjalabais Avatar

            Totally bestest gif everest!

      1. Herman G. Goldth Avatar
        Herman G. Goldth

        Steinmetz Opel Commodore “Jumbo”, with the Boeing 747 as its godfather.

    2. Batshitbox Avatar

      Race Car nicknames? There’s a wikipedia entry for that.

      1. nanoop Avatar

        We’d need the wiki article on [i]cool[/i] racecar nicknames,though.

    1. Kiefmo Avatar

      Don’t forget its less-powerful, RWD-only stablemate the GTS-T, or “Goshzilla”.

    2. crank_case Avatar

      Though it’s often applied to any modern GT-R in the motoring press, I always reckon this nickname only really applies to the R32 GT-R which was the only homologation GT-R for group A. The name was applied by the Australians, because it came from Japan and destroyed everything in its path, but after that, partly thanks to the end of group A and partly due to the Aussies pulling a “it’s our ball and we’re not playing any more” move with changing the format to V8 supercars, the R33/R34 were never campaigned in the same way, at least not in a format that bore close resemblance to the road car.

  5. Tanshanomi Avatar

    A couple of Tuesday answers:
    For a particular machine: “Overdog,” Cook Neilson’s Ducati 750 Super Sport racer.
    For a model: The Suzuki GT750 is a twofer — “Kettle” in the UK, “Water Buffalo” in the USA. Both brilliant.

    1. Kiefmo Avatar

      I never knew of the GT750’s existence until just now. When did expansion chambers start becoming popular on two-strokes?
      I wondered to myself what the thing must sound like, so I youtubed it and confirmed — awful lot like something branded “Evinrude”.

      1. Kiefmo Avatar

        Also, I always liked my nickname for the CBR250R — WeeBR. I don’t think I originated it, but it was so very fitting.

        1. Tanshanomi Avatar

          There’s also “Wee-Strom,” a popular nickname for the 650 V-Strom.

    2. SlowJoeCrow Avatar

      In that vein, how about Slippery Sam, the Triumph endurance racer, named as the result of an oil leak.

    3. sporty88 Avatar

      “Water Buffalo” is also the nickname for these in Australia.
      In Australia, a “Kettle” is a BMW K100 or K1100.

      1. Herman G. Goldth Avatar
        Herman G. Goldth

        old boxer-BMWs are known as “Gummikuh”, “Rubber Cow” in german speaking europe.

  6. P161911 Avatar

    Want to improve the chances your concept will get the green light? Name it after the mascot at the boss’s alma mata. The Corvette Blue Devil.

    1. Kiefmo Avatar

      Sufficiently special that it was one of the ones chosen to be rebuilt by the ‘Vette museum after falling through the earth.

      1. smalleyxb122 Avatar

        It was special enough to be in the museum in the first place. Whether it was worth restoring was as much a question of how much damage it sustained as it was how special it was. It received the least damage of the cars that fell. Right after extricating it, they fired it up and drove it out of the museum.
        In craigslist parlance, the Blue Devil was an “easy restoration”, thus worth of the effort.

  7. 0A5599 Avatar

    Pontiac tried to identify the GTO with a tiger. The public called it a Goat.
    Sometimes people called their A-body Barracudas “‘cuda”. When the E bodies came out, Plymouth made the ‘cuda the top trim level.
    68-70 Dodge Chargers are “Coke bottles”.

  8. irishzombieman Avatar

    The Goat.

    View post on imgur.com

    1. dmdukejr Avatar

      “The Great One”

    2. barney fife Avatar
      barney fife

      All other terms of endearment pale in comparison.

  9. Telecinese Avatar

    I like Pug. For the 205 GTI, of course. But kind of works for any Peugeot, even the bicycles.

  10. P161911 Avatar

    The original Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. “Chitty Bang Bang was the informal name of a number of celebrated English racing cars, built and raced by CountLouis Zborowski and his engineer Clive Gallop in the 1920s, which inspired the book, film and stage musical Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang.”
    The smallest of these had an egine in the 18L range.

    1. Sjalabais Avatar

      Compact engine, compact car.

  11. ramLlama Avatar

    Turning this question on its head, and ahead of two-wheel Tuesday, I present the Indian-made Rajdoot GTS. Quite cute and a perfectly solid name, right? Well, it was the steed of choice for the leading man in the 1973 film “Bobby”, so it is now better known as the Rajdoot Bobby.

    1. Kiefmo Avatar

      Looks a lot like the Honda Monkey (Z50), so named for how you look riding one.

      1. ramLlama Avatar

        I wouldn’t be surprised if its a copy of the Z50, modified for Indian market needs. This was made during deeply socialist India, after all, when the government had a large case of NIH syndrome regarding the entire economy.

        1. Tanshanomi Avatar

          Nope, no connection to the Z50. The Honda has a 50cc horizontal four-stroke engine, the Rajdoot Bobby has a 175cc vertical two-stroke originally based on a Polish SHL design. Also, look carefully at the Rajdoot’s rear swingarm, leading-link front forks, and larger brake hubs. Nothing similar in the details.

          1. ramLlama Avatar

            Yup, the details are quite different. I should have looked closer. I also think the Bobby is more of a motorcycle whereas the Z50 is undoubtedly a moped. Speaking of East-European motorcycles, I always admired people who owned Jawa motorcyles in India for being that little bit off-beat.

  12. Maymar Avatar

    Most of these are cool cars that have earned nicknames reflecting that. I submit the Landcrab as the coolest nickname for a weird car (althoughvthis particular one iw amazing).

  13. Tanshanomi Avatar

    Another two-wheel answer close to my heart, Bultaco’s first world record holder, Cazarecords — “Hunting Records”

  14. jim Avatar

    This modified Fiat SB4, nicknamed Mefistofele by the press because of the smoke and explosions produced by its 21.7-liter aircraft engine.
    Here’s what said engine looks like :
    More info : http://www.fiat.com/fiatpedia/heritage/fiat-mefistofele

  15. Batshitbox Avatar

    For a single car: Andrew Steyn’s Land Rover 88, “The Antichrist” from “The Gods Must Be Crazy”

    1. Batshitbox Avatar

      For models it’s still hard to beat “Tin Lizzie” and “Flivver”

      1. Moto Madness Avatar
        Moto Madness

        Even though personally, I don’t see it….

      2. Sjalabais Avatar

        The BMW-labelled “brick”? Also:

      1. Tanshanomi Avatar

        As Parody Bob Ross says on the Sherwin-Williams commercial, “Well now, there’s room for all of us.”

  16. sporty88 Avatar

    A few from Down Under:
    Holden Commodore – “Crummydore” or “Dunnydore” (“Dunny” is Aussie slang for a toilet).
    Ford Falcon – “Foul-can”
    Mitsubishi Sigma – “Stigma”
    Mitsubishi Magna – “Maggot”
    any large SUV, especially one that doesn’t get dirty – “Toorak Tractor” (Toorak is an upscale inner-Melbourne suburb, )
    Volvo 240 series – “Swedish Taxi”

  17. dimpl09 Avatar

    VW Type 4 are called “Nasenbär” in german.
    That means “coati”:)