Hooniverse Asks- What’s The Best Spy Car? (Spy Week)

Today we’re kicking off Spy Week here on Hooniverse Asks, and of course what better way to start than with what, in your opinion, is the best spy car out there. Spys, secret agents, moles, whatever you call them, these men – and women – of international intrigue fill our fantasies with visions of perfectly executed kung fu karate chops (yes, I know) whilst sipping a cocktail and looking stunning in our formal attire. Also, pithy rejoinders are a must.

And then there are the cars. You’d think that being a spy would mean having to blend in, take on the texture of the background so as not to call attention to oneself. Oh how little we apparently know about the spy trade as the majority of rides employed by the best known secret agents – a contradictory phrase if there ever was one – are those that stick out like a sore thumb.

In fact, aside from the eponymous subject of Joseph Conrad’s The Secret Agent, it seems like most spys drive cars that purposefully garner attention, both from members of the opposite sex brimming with vital info that can only be extracted between the sheets, and from diabolical enemies of all things good and wholesome.

Considering all those spies, and the cars in which they’ve plied their trade over the years, which secret agent set of wheels do you think is the greatest? 

Image: [TheCodeIsZeek]

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