Hooniverse Asks- What’s The Best Secret Agent Car Gadget? (Spy Week)

Many spys live or die by their gadgets, as do quite a few of their foes. James Bond is most famous in having his rides gadget-ified by the reproving Q, making them as licensed to kill as was their owner. The much more animated Inspector Gadget, while a member of another law enforcement discipline, also managed to have a car that always seemed to have the right gadget for the moment.
A funny thing about spy gadgets in cars is that, as we have progressed as a society technologically, the automotive spy gadgets of yesteryear are now things that we take for granted. In-dash TV? Got it. GPS tracking? How about friending your arch nemesis on Facebook and following his check-ins? And those grille-mounted RPGs? Yeah, I got the. . . oops, ignore that last one.
So, a spy is only as good as his intellect, and when that fails, the ability to pop a baddy out of the passenger seat with a flip of a switch can come in handy. Considering all the secret agent  – and Go Go Gadget – cars that there have been, which one of the add-ons do you think was the most awesome?
Image: [motorvision]

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