Hooniverse Asks-What's the Best Road Food?

Sometimes a corndog is just a corndog.
Sometimes a corndog is just a corndog.

Many a hoon will be on the road today, whether doing last-minute shopping for that girl/boyfriend that had said you were on  break, but now wants to spend the holiday with you, or driving to mom’s for roast beast and who pudding.
That got us thinking, if you’re spending most of the day behind the wheel, you’re gonna’ get hungry, and if you’re hungry, you’re gonna’ want to eat something. There’s lots of options out there to fill that emptiness deep down inside, and cars today are frequently designed to assist in your gastronomic dalliances, what with cupholders everywhere. But what’s the best food to eat in the car?

Hey, it's still warm!
Hey, it's still warm!

Nothing warms the cockles of the soul like a good bowl of soup, but trying to sip without slurping while navigating traffic can mean bisquetastrophe, so that’s not a good choice. Still there’s plenty of options out there- from tacos to fried chicken and footlong hot dogs. Some will leave your car so clean CSI wouldn’t be able to tell what you ate save for a mass spectrometer analysis of your farts. Other food can be in it for the long haul and will leave greasy stains on the upholstery, ant-inviting crumbs dug-in deep in the most unreachable crevices, and a car-pool ending stench. Some food you find on the road can taste like moose turd pie, while others can be surprisingly tasty, and that’s an important aspect too.
So, before you don that santa hat and hit the road, let us know- what’s the best tasting, and most convenient road food you can grab?
Image sources: [thecollegedriver, blogtourusa]

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  1. Texan_Idiot25 Avatar

    Sonic rules here in Texas. There is one by every normal place I go (College, both ends of delivery section, errands). Their drink specials during afterschool hours are the bomb (2 dollars for massive favoured mix drinks. Want to know what lime, cherry, and banana taste like? You can). I highly underestimated the size of their hot dogs, and their bacon is cooked crispy. Not this limp-dick bacon form everywhere else.
    And the drive-in style meet is perfect for catching up with friends before we cruise out to the drive-in theator

  2. C³-Cool Cadillac Cat Avatar
    C³-Cool Cadillac Cat

    It's tough to beat beef or venison jerky. With luck, it's not actually 'tough', however.
    Combos are good. For beverages, whatever you can get in the cooler. Dr. Pepper happens to be my fave, but when my wife and I long-distance rallied on a motorcycle…think 1K+ miles in 24 hours, straight, is the bare minimum, iced tea was a fave, 'cause we could freeze it the night before, then keep it wrapped in Polartec as insulation, and I ran a tube w/a bite valve out of the tail trunk which was long enough so my wife could hand it to me.
    No, we didn't stop much….