Hooniverse Asks- What's the Best Part of Buying a New Car?

NewCar Have you ever bought a new car or truck? It’s a different sort of experience from going used. Oh sure, the general rule of thumb is that depreciation makes buying a new car – I’m looking at you BMW 7-series – a fiscally irresponsible act, but you know sometimes you’ve just got to throw caution to the wind. After all, how big a selection of C7 Corvettes are there presently on the pre-owned market? As noted, the purchase of a new ride is a unique experience. For some it’s almost ritualistic, involving researching both car and dealer, planning the negotiation line of attack, and eventually driving off the lot in your spoils of war. The fun usually doesn’t end there either. There’s the showing off of your new purchase to friends and family and the late night pouring through the owner’s manual just in case you need to point out the location of the child safety seat mounts should any one ask, or what exactly is the function of that button on the console marked ~~. Considering the importance of a new car purchase, both financially and as to how much of a loser or winner you will appear in the eyes of your significant other’s family, what we want to know today is, what in your mind is the best part of the whole process? Is it the first test drive, where you start to feel that immutable bond with your soon to be daily driver? Or is it that first evening, when you pull a lawn chair and a beer out to the driveway just so you can admire your new acquisition – and shoo away any birds that may wish to hang out of the phone lines that cross that drive?  What’s you favorite part of buying a new car? Image: Trezzalaw

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