Hooniverse Asks- What's The Best P.I. Car?

Magnum had his 308 GTS, Rockford had his Firebird. Columbo, still being on the force, could only afford an old Peugeot 304 Grand Luxe, but at least it was a cabriolet. So many TV detectives, so many car chases, but which one was the best?

In real life a private investigator, as well as his car, needs to blend in, be innocuous. But that’s never the case on TV dramadies where Dan Tanna parked his ’57 T-Bird in his freakin’ living room. Going way back, Mike Connors as Joe Mannix rolled in a George Barris-customized Olds Toronado. His later rides included some pretty hot Mopar iron. And who could forget either the Mod Squad’s Mercury Woody, or Ironside’s Gold Ford Econoline? I’m sure there’s a lot that I am forgetting, as it seems a standard plot device of TV detective shows to match a car to the particular crime-solving style of the PI. Which of these, or of all the rest, do you think was the best – and the coolest – car of all the TV dicks? Image sources: [whatsontv.co.ukhollywooddiecast.com]

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