Hooniverse Asks- What’s the Best Evil Genius Ride? (Spy Week)

Actors never want to play the good guys. It’s always the baddies that offer the meatiest roles, and they’re the ones who always get the best death scenes. If it’s so good to be bad, does that also extend to the rides of evil doers? 

This being spy week, what we’re obviously most interested in are the rides of those Wille E. Coyotes of society, known most commonly as Evil Geniuses.  Many, like The Great Race’s Fate the Magnificent create their own diabolical conveyances. Others, such as James Bond’s arch nemesis  Francisco Scaramanga (i.e. the man with the golden gun) just seem to have an impressive credit limit and impeccable taste.

But whether seeking world domination or just besting a goody-two-shoes rival, an evil genius does need something to get to the local Starbucks and their anger management sessions. What car or truck do you think represents the best evil genius ride?

Image: [hollywoodmoviecostumesandprops]

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