Hooniverse Asks- What's the Best Current Racing Series?

NASCAR, F1, WRC. . . Speed Channel is pretty full of racing when it’s not showing Pinks or the three hundred hours of Barrett Jackson. Some of the racing can be edge of your seat viewing, while some is like watching traded paint dry. The question is, which one’s the best to get your motor running?

Some racing hasn’t yet been deemed TV-worthy, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less exciting- in fact, racing that people actually get off their butts and go to the track to see must be even better than the traditional TV fodder.

As with cars, racing comes in different types- some only turning left for hours on end, some involving various stages of dirt, gravel and macadam, but all forms have their fans.

If you’re going to sit down for a Saturday afternoon of Speed channel, or better yet a Saturday evening at the track, which would be your choice- and why does that particular motorsport give you the chubbs?

Image sources: [formulawallpapers.com, funnyhub.com]

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