Hooniverse Asks- What's the Best Automotive Prank You've Ever Been Party To?

You don’t have to be Ashton Kutcher to enjoy seeing someone get Punk’d. In fact, I’d kind of like to give Demi’s boy toy a good punch to the neck just for being a douchebag. But still, everybody admires a well-thought out prank, and I’m sure many of you have either been the perpetrators or the victims of such jocular frivolity.

Whether it was moving somebody’s Mini inside their dorm room, or placing an admission note about denting their car on a obviously un-damaged car, there’s lots of pranks that you can pull. What we want to know is which ones have you pulled, or had pulled on you? Obviously, for a prank to work properly, it needs to cause limited damage – the equivalent of TP-ing a house – but should cause short-term near panic in the prankee. The prankster then busts a gut, points at the victim and shouts Man, you should see your face!
That’s an important aspect of the successful prank – the Man, you should see your face! Bad pranks are the ones that end with the prankee falling to the ground, clutching their chest and soiling themselves. Another sign of a failed prank is the prankster ending up in the emergency room with a broken nose or wedgie the requires surgical extraction.
No, save those stories for your therapist or death bed confessional. We just want to hear the funny ones where nobody loses an eye or buttock. So get out your inner Ashton Kutcher and let us know what are the best pranks that you have been party to, and have survived intact.
Image sources: [Say No to Crack, Bombay Duck]

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37 responses to “Hooniverse Asks- What's the Best Automotive Prank You've Ever Been Party To?”

  1. Josh Avatar

    we floated a buddies ranger on a dock out on a lake. does that count?

  2. Alff Avatar

    I once stuck a banana in the tailpipe of a squad car belonging to two really uptight Beverly Hills detectives.

  3. Ambersand Avatar

    About 4 years ago I was rear ended at a stoplight by a 21 yr old girl in her parent's Excursion who was reading a text message and accelerated into me while I was waiting to turn. How cliche'…anyway…fast forward almost 2 months to the day I finally get my car back. I pick my Element up at lunch and park in the middle level of the parking garage because the upper level where I park is being patched.
    About an hour into being back to work I'm on a conference call with my Director and some of the VPs. My Blackberry vibrates with an email alert. The email is from the corporate management company in my building stating that there's been an unfortunate situation and a patch of the parking garage that was being jack-hammered above my car has come loose and crushed my hood and windshield.
    Of course in my absolute horror I don't take into consideration that they even knew it was my car and how…instead I let loose a string of explicitories into the phone, say, "I GOTTA GO!!" and slam the phone down. I'm in tears by the time I get downstairs and go flying over to the far end of the garage only to find my car in pristine condition.
    At this point I'm well aware I've been pranked…so I go back to my office and I'm so mad I'm spitting nickels. The director of development and two senior architects are falling over each other at my desk – they had created a program to send out emails from whichever email address they specify and thought it'd be funny, knowing I'd just got my car back, to mess with me.
    It was a hoot trying to explain to the 4 execs why I'd cussed a blue streak and hung up on them, literally in mid sentence.
    I then reciprocated about 6 months later by letting the air out of the director's new FJ's tires. Revenge IS a dish best served cold.

    1. Jo_Schmo Avatar

      no, revenge is a dish best served 3 times!

  4. scroggzilla Avatar

    I bought a new Plymouth Breeze at a dealer's going out of business sale. Obviously, the joke was on me.

  5. SSurfer321 Avatar

    My friends and I put a car on the roof of our high school. It's good to have friends with heavy equipment πŸ™‚
    Others include grease under the door handle; "breaking into" my cousins Jeep and turning every knob/switch to "11"; relocating friends car in full parking lot, typically hidden behind box truck.
    Favorite is while riding shotgun, reaching over and pulling the manual shifter out of gear at the light. Driver goes to take off and only revs the engine πŸ™‚
    High school shop teacher told us to pound the dents out of his Ranger's rear bumper. We removed said bumper, removed dents and repainted it to look new. Then we reinstalled said bumper…upside down πŸ™‚

  6. Alff Avatar

    One April Fool's Day many years ago, I loaded up the trunk of Mom's triple black Caprice Classic with sandbags, covered the seats with Mexican blankets, put a stuffed doggy on the package tray and hung dingo balls around the edge of the headliner where they could be seen from the outside. She was running late, so she had to drive her sweet lowrider to the ladies' luncheon at the snootiest country club in town.

  7. Peter Tanshanomi Avatar
    Peter Tanshanomi

    I casually asked a particularly gullible an low-functioning riding buddy on the way back from the motocross track what would happen if he shifted into neutral while the cruise control was engaged.
    …At least I helped him replace the harmonic balancer that got lunched by the high revs.

    1. Peter Tanshanomi Avatar
      Peter Tanshanomi

      Oh, and he was towing two dirt bikes with a 100K Pontiac Phoenix at the time.

  8. Dr_Dangerously Avatar

    When I worked at Pepboys in High School one day the warehouse guys and me took a large roll of industrial shrink wrap, wrapped the whole thing around the manager's car (beater '84 Monte Carlo), and let it bake in the Atlanta sun. He didn't notice until later on when it had time to cool off to a nice thick shell.

    1. Froggmann_ Avatar

      Yea a buddy of mine and I did the same thing to a Loan Manager's car once. He retaliated by putting my buddy's house up for sale… nationwide.
      Lesson here: Don't prank someone who has a lot of resources, a lot of connections or both.

  9. gearhead_318 Avatar

    When I worked at Walmart my friends and I would surround each others cars with shopping carts, and since I had a truck I would end up with carts in the bead.
    Another friend of mine would park in the middle of nowhere, in front of our supervisors car so he couldn't drive straight out as he intended to do

  10. muthalovin Avatar

    Pranks? Pranks are for kids. I aim destroy. Every blow someones car up with 200 M-80s? Me neither, but that would be how I roll if i was so inclined.

  11. EscortsForever Avatar

    I've had a mostly prank free life. When I first was driving the automatic escort, my friend would push the shifter into neutral (floor shifter and you didn't have to push the button to go from overdrive to neutral)
    Also, this past spring, I had the explorer (driving my pop's to college since the scorts were being flaky) out front of a the dorms I was at. I was there for about an hour and then decided to head to Taco Bell for some late night foods. Well I got a headstart on my friend to the truck, I was close to being there, and he goes flying by me, runs up to the drivers door (he always wants to drive it, mostly cause I never let him), opened it, but immediately started freaking out. He now had cream cheese on his hand. Someone had put it on all the doors of the truck…. and still didn't get me :D. I never did figure out who did it. My best guess is since red second gen explorer's aren't the rarest ride in hilly snow-tastic college town, I was mistaken for someone else…. Even though I still had my rallycross number "1337" still on the back windows…

  12. BrianTheHoon Avatar

    I played football in high school back when coaches could be sadistic bastards and actually put us physical danger (heat stroke, etc) without worry that it could get them canned. My senior year we had an assistant coach who had been a star player at the school like four years earlier and was by far the biggest nozzle of a coach I'd ever had. Remember Rob Schneider's character in Periscope Down? Yeah, he was that guy – to a "T." At the end of football season, we decided that we needed to have our revenge.
    "Coach Nozzle," let's call him, drove a Honda 600 that was in truly immaculate condition and, because of its diminutive size/light weight, we decided our prank must involve it. My school had these elevated planters (about 2-3ft above ground) that, as luck would have it, had an inner opening width that was about a foot wider than his 600. We got our biggest guys to carry the car from the nearby faculty parking lot to the planter and drop it in. We then went to the adjacent student parking lot and hung out by my car listening to tunes while we waited for Coach Nozzle to come out of the locker room to leave for the day.
    When he came out, predictably he had a confused look on his face when his car wasn't where he remembered leaving it.As any of us would do, he started looking around the lot to find it. When his focus went by the front of the school where his car now was he kept scanning past it and then stopped and did a double take. His eyes became saucers when he finally internalized what he was seeing and he sprinted over to the planter. He started screaming and jumping up and down (probably thinking no one was within earshot) at which point we could no longer stifle our laughter and just lost it, almost literally rolling on the ground. At this point he saw us, put 2 and 2 together and started to really come unhinged. As his rage gave way to tears (seriously), we went from laughter to hysterics.
    That was his last year as a coach at the school. I can only hope Coach Nozzle learned something about respect; that is is earned and not an entitlement based on your position.

  13. Tim Odell Avatar
    Tim Odell

    …with great power comes great abuses of power. Specifically, moving people's cars around in the high school lot so they were jammed in a corner.

  14. chrystlubitshi Avatar

    once duct taped a plastic sandwich bag tightly around the exhaust pipe of dad's late '70's 300D.. he was trying to back out of the garage.. had had plenty of problems with it at this point… so the lack of power/dying as he let out the clutch was nothing new… so.. he got on the gas and let the clutch out fast… and 'BOOM' a sooty, sooty backfire…and he went backwards very quickly…. stopped, came inside and explained to my sibling and i that "this wasn't funny".. (but it was…)

  15. lilwillie Avatar

    There have been a few good ones.
    The usual Condenser loaded and throw it to a friend who gets shocked.
    Firecrackers under a cap and then they go off like the fourth of July.
    having someone grab a ignition wire not grounded always gets a laugh.
    My favorite though was this below.
    What happened was a friend had just finished sanding his cab and frame on his F-150. It was a Friday and he was to go North fishing with some buds. He asked if he could store it in the shop so he wouldn't have to worry about rain starting the rusting process. We of course obliged. Then we went to drinking beer and looking at his pretty truck. It wasn't pretty enough. So off to the Hardware store for some water based paint that would spray off easily. We sprayed it Pink. Then drank more Beer and decided it needed some spots. Green ones. So back to the store, drunk, buying up the green paint.
    He was up North that Friday night and was sitting around a campfire drinking, talking about how nice we where for storing his truck when a friend of his said "Are you nuts? They are surely fucking with it right now!" The rest of the weekend he was beyond worried about what we did.
    When he showed Monday morning he was just floored. Words cannot describe the tirade he went into and the laughter we had over the situation. Finally he realized it was washable and calmed down and laughed himself. To top it off, a garden hose didn't have enough pressure to get it off so he went home to get some money and drive one town over to clean it. His wife, on his arrival in the truck, asked. "Why did you paint it pink?"

    1. B72 Avatar

      Cute. Did washing off the paint with water start the rusting process?

  16. chrystlubitshi Avatar

    one note of clarification… it wasn't a backfire… it finally blew the plastic bag

  17. skitter Avatar

    In anything with seat position memory, move the seat all the way back, and recline it all the way.
    Leave the memory set to smash the driver all the way forward into the steering wheel.

  18. K5ING Avatar

    Back in the early 70's, a friend of mine and I mounted some flashing red lights behind the grill of a buddy's '64 Chevy. They were wired to come on when the car started. He was wondering why everyone seemed to be pulling over for him…..until he had to pull over for the cops…LOL!!!!
    We even went to court for him to tell the judge that he really didn't know what we had done. The judge had a good sense of humor and dismissed the charges against him on the condition that we did a couple of hours of "unofficial community service", namely washing and waxing the judge's car.

  19. name_too_long Avatar

    Best one I've been a part of: Pulled the driveshaft out of the school treasurer's brand new Miata. He got in, started it up, went to back out of his space and ROOOOooom, watch him make sure he had it in gear, ROOOOooom…. we then watched him freak the f**k out for 15 minutes before he looked up into the window, saw us laughing our asses off, looked under the car and realized what had happened
    The best one I've heard of was perpetrated by one of my uncles. The principal at his high school had just gotten a brand new VW Bug and was a little too proud/protective of it, to the point where he always parked it in a space where he could see it from his office window. Since bugs all look roughly the same from a distance they got hold of a gutted shell from an older model, painted it the same color as the principal's, and lifted it up onto the flat roof of the school one night. The next day two of his friends staged a "fight" which required the principal's attention and while he was out of his office my uncle and several co-conspirators picked up and moved his car out of sight. Needless to say, when the principal returned to his office and noticed that his car was not where he'd left it he ran outside in a panic… only to watch a beetle, the same color as his, roll off the three story roof and crash into a heap on the concrete below. Astoundingly the only legal repercussions they faced was having to pay to repair the concrete.

  20. sam Avatar

    put a large tie-wrap on their drive line so that the tail makes noise when the car is moving

  21. B72 Avatar

    It wasn't a prank, but some of my friends were out hooning their 4 wheel drives on the back 40, and somehow one of them caught a length of chicken wire fence on his driveshaft. It wound that fence up tight and when it reached the end it was pushing pretty hard on the floorboards and making terrible sounds. Couldn't remove the driveshaft because the ends were covered with fencing. Each layer was somehow intertwined with the next so there was no unrolling it. He had to snip snip snip almost the entire following day to remove the mess.

  22. 35mm Avatar

    Prank: Break into high school bus garage and remove every valve stem from every bus tire.
    Result: No school that day.
    Disclaimer, I did not do this, I have no idea who did this, it was wrong.

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