Hooniverse Asks- What's Some Good Road Food?

Burgatory_Burger Summer is upon us, officially so in less than a week, and as that’s prime hitting-the-road season, I’d like your take on where to get some good grub while on such a journey of discovery. Everybody lives someplace, and many of us know of some local feedbags that travelers through might want to patronize because they are either: bastions of good food, or are of cultural significance. As an example I will aver that anyone visiting the LA area should really make sure to visit Phillippe’s for a French Dip and a slice of pie, as it’s both a cultural icon and has awesome food. It’s also across the street from Union Station which is one of the last great train stations built in America and also worth a visit. Are there similar should-see eateries in your neck of the woods, places that you would recommend to a traveling Hoon who wants to get the best food/experience your locale has to offer? Image: BurgerBusiness

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