Hooniverse Asks- What's More American, Ford or Chevy?

Let’s say that the Great Gazoo arrives from Planet Nine and it’s your responsibility to explain to him about the people of the Earth. Naturally, being a firm believer in American Exceptionalism, you want to pump up our great nation in case he’s seeking world domination, and you want to make sure that we’re seen as the cool kid that gets left alone. When you get around to which car brand best exemplifies the American ideal, which one would you choose- Ford or Chevy?

I'd salute that
Each brand has been the mainstay of their respective parents literally for generations, and both cater to the bedrock of the American iconography- the middle class. But which one shouts America F**k yeah! the loudest? Maybe neither of them represents the old Stars and Stripes the way they should anymore. Is there another make that eclipses these in being so freedom fry-worthy that you could proudly bury Ollie North in one without a second thought? So, which is it- Henry’s ladies, or the bow tie brigade, or maybe. . . ?

Image sources:[thegrooveshack,krespinfarms.com]

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