Hooniverse Asks- What's History's Best Ford?

Yesterday, we considered which has been history’s greatest Chevrolet. And, while the bow tie brigade has had a dozen or more contenders plying America’s highways over the years, their competition over at the House of Henry has provided the World with some of the most memorable cars and trucks available for over 100 years. The Model T, The flathead V8, Mustang, Escort, Cortina, Taurus, and of course  the thundering GT40s are but a few of the fillies in Ford’s stable. Each tells a tale, and every one is some way historically relevant. Do you remember the first time you saw a Taurus? It was like it had arrived from an alternate universe, so different from the fox platform cars that filled their dealer lots at the time. It’s that kind of dramatic paradigm shift that has been the hallmark of Ford’s efforts over the entirety of the automotive age. Ever driven a Model T?  It’s not like piloting a modern car in any sense, but it created a nation of motorists, and opened rural America to places and experiences outside of walking distance. So many noteworthy cars have come from Henry’s legacy, and quite a few no so bright ideas as well. Remember the Edsel? That brand remains synonymous with failure even today, 50-some years later. Ford’s actuarial and legal departments allowed the Pinto to forever be besmirched by the reputation of imminent immolation due to their assertion that it would be more cost effective to absorb lawsuit costs than to recall millions of cars and apply an eleven dollar fix. But even the greats have an off day, and while we note those less than stellar moments in the Blue Oval’s history, what we want to know is which of their shining lights burns brightest in your estimation. So, remembering that Ford has touched tire to tarmac in just about every nation on Earth, and that they aren’t simply an American manufacturer, which of the hundreds of cars that have been branded with the Ford script is their greatest achievement? Which is history’s greatest Ford? Image source: [classicfordmag.co.uk]

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