Hooniverse Asks – What's a "True" Porsche?

For some aficionados of the brand, Porsche stopped building real cars when the last 356 rolled off the assembly line. Others discount anything with a radiator. What do you think, do Porsches have to emulate the layout of the pre-war People’s Car in order to be accepted as righteous? To some, the 911 isn’t all the different from its precursor 356, but mention that to an owner of the earlier, four-cylinder car and you may get a stony-faced end to the conversation. Those owners don’t even want to acknowledge the intended-for-Audi 924, and bringing up the heavy, V8-engined 928 might get you a punch in the throat. Others view the air-cooled 911s as sufficiently Porsche-esque, but discount the water-cooled cars, as well as anything that requires you to sit behind the engine. The Cayenne generally sets everybody off, and the new Panamera isn’t going to be calming them down anytime soon. So where do you sit on “Porsche-ness”? Do you draw the line at engines with fins and fans, or are you willing to welcome ethylene glycol-carrying cars into the fold? Does it only need to carry the Stuttgart shield for your stamp of approval, or do the number of doors and engine placement enter into the equation? Most of us may not currently be able to afford them, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be elitist snobs and judge them, so, with that in mind, what do you consider a “true” Porsche? Image sources: [cartype.com, Philseed.com]

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