Hooniverse Asks- What's a Good Summer Convertible?

Now that we’ve mostly made it through the slog of winter, and mud season is upon us, what better time to think about going topless. Some of us may already have a summer convertible (or two), but for those who don’t, how about a little help here? What do you think would be some good choices for a reasonably cheap (under $10,000, say) convertible?

The most common answer that springs to mind would be the Miata, that MVP of the drop top set. But with Boxsters being of an age and quantity where decent ones are commonly available for around our max price, might not make the Mazda the obvious choice.

Also, what if you’re a family man, or a pimp, and need more than just two seats? There’s always the Mustang, much like the Miata the go-to choice for cheap top-down driving. But they’re pretty ubiquitous and as we all are looking for something a little bit different, there may be other options that will serve our needs better. How about a 283-powered Chevy II?

So, discounting the double M of topless motoring – Miata and Mustang – what are some good options for our pasty friends in need of some good old vitamin D? And if you think that either the Mazda or the Ford are the best choice, let that be known as well. Let us know, what’s a good cheap ragtop?

Image sources: transamnmuscle.com, chooseyouritem.com]

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