Hooniverse Asks- What Youthful Car Crush Do You Now Dismay?




Do you remember when you were a kid, and you had that poster of a Lamborghini Countach on your bedroom wall? Every night you would narrow-eye that poster and whisper to yourself one day before drifting off to pimply dreams of the lusty Italian replacing Schwinn as your daily driver. Well, have you ever actually driven a Countach? No? Me neither, but I’ve sat in a few – even had the doors closed, cosseting me in. Let me tell you, there’s nothing daily about driving a Countach, unless you’re a total nut job.

Another youthful dream killer is the Lotus Esprit. Man, I HAVE driven those, both old school and more modern turbo. That’s another car designed without consideration for the shape and needs of the human body. They’re also plagued with one of the worst shift mechanisms known to man, so bad using it makes you wistful for the old THM125 in a Chevy Citation.

Sorry to be bursting so many bubbles – I know, it’s like finding out Chuck Norris is in reality a pussy, or that a Nirvana reunion featured Paul McCartney. Do you have your own bubbles that have burst? What of your youthful car crushes do you now lament?

Image source: [autoserviceandelst]

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101 responses to “Hooniverse Asks- What Youthful Car Crush Do You Now Dismay?”

  1. dtargo Avatar

    I thought the Nirvana thing was kinda cool, but I liked the Citation X 11 when they were around too…

  2. PotbellyJoe Avatar

    <img src="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-v1JykrxRemE/UL1tzZ3esyI/AAAAAAAAKKk/QCsZv6kbNLY/s1600/Nissan_Pulsar_NX+XE_1989_6.jpg&quot; width=500>
    I was 7, but I was in love with those tail lights. Also, our babysitter had one, which may or may not have been a factor.

    1. BlackIce_GTS Avatar

      If seven year olds bought cars, Nissan would be the biggest car company in the world right now.
      This was the first thing that came to mind, but no, I still like it.

      1. jonathan Avatar

        Oh yes, I felt the same way at age 7 about those taillights. I think I put them on a lot of the cars I would draw back then.

    2. vroomsocko Avatar

      I loved the the different configurations, especially the wagon. It was like a real life Autobot, which was right up my alley when I was young.

  3. m4ff3w Avatar

    If anything the X1/9 has never been appreciated to the extent that it deserves. It is/was a phenomenal car that has never been equaled.

    1. Dutch Avatar

      There's nothing wrong with an X1/9 that more power ans less rust can't fix. It's like a side by side go-kart with a radio.

    2. Hans Raptor Avatar
      Hans Raptor

      I feel this belongs here
      [youtube Z7YGVEMlHPs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7YGVEMlHPs youtube]

      1. FunWithBuns Avatar

        I think that track deserves an award for Most Chicanes. Also, that makes me want an X1/9 even more.

  4. muthalovin Avatar

    I have no regrets! Le Car was awesome!

  5. OA5599 Avatar

    <img src="http://www.bigfoot4x4.com/images/cannonball-1.jpg"&gt;
    I used to have a crush on 928's. About 10 years ago, someone offered one for free–the cost of the needed repairs exceeded the value.

  6. m4ff3w Avatar

    For me, it is the XR4ti. I lusted for one since the first time I read of them in 1997 (I was 17) when I first gained internet access at school. I knew it was the car for me. I finally purchased one in 2009. I was so disappointed. I appreciate the fact that it is a "platform" but out of the box it was so underwhelming.
    <img src="https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-tOBmsN6BtHA/TUwNAKwp-AI/AAAAAAAABE0/5GaFocu09AA/s640/IMG_20110204_080404.jpg"&gt;
    Though, I must admit, since my daily driver before it was a megasquirted X1/9, my handling and fun to drive expectations were though the roof.

    1. LTDScott Avatar

      That could be said for nearly any car from the 1980s.

    2. seguin Avatar

      I own one and love it, but the previous owner had already lowered it and put on Konis, so not exactly apples to apples.

      1. m4ff3w Avatar

        You aren't form Seguin, TX are you?

  7. Rob Avatar

    Porsche. I lusted after a 911 in the early 90s before I could drive. Now, not so much. After the 996s and their IMS/RMS issues and the Caymen 987 oil separator/ice brakes issues that make it pretty much untrackable without many mods. I would still love a 964 (993s would be out of my budget), but lots of respect has been lost on the newer cars.

  8. danleym Avatar

    I think the big letdown with any of them was realizing just how expensive they are- arbitrary numbers don't mean as much until you're working, and then you realize that 100 grand is an absolutely stupid amount of money to spend on a car.
    Also, the realization that super cars weren't exactly super reliable- finicky and constantly needing wrenching doesn't bother me when I pay a few thousand for a car. If I'm dropping six figures, I better never end up having to drive the other car to work because this one doesn't feel like working right today.
    So yeah, they're all still awesome to look at, and I would love to drive one, but I can't say I really want to own any of them anymore, unless I win the next $500 million lottery.

    1. KoshNaranek Avatar

      I cannot agree with you more. I was reading road and track a few months ago and I realised that I just was not excited about any vehicle I had seen init for months. I reflected whether it was me or if new vehicles were somehow more boring than when I was a teen or if it was me.
      I realised that it was mostly me. I just am not spending REAL money on these things. I, unfortunatly, have no time for a project car and therefore must live vicariously through the Hooniverse Universe.

  9. Alff Avatar

    None, I still like them all. Even the crappy ones.

    1. BЯдΖǐL-ЯЄРΘЯΤЄЯ Avatar

      +1, still thinking…….yes even the crappiest Citroen I've had, a Dyane, would still be fun.

    2. joedunlap Avatar

      Pretty much any Corvette, especially the C3 and C4. Nasty!

    3. pj134 Avatar

      Yeah, my only truly despicable one (that I still love) was never built (GT90). The rest of the list of my car crushes involve the McLaren F1, Jaguar XJ220 and a healthy stream of Vipers. Actually affordable ones were the WRX, STI, EVO, 240SX, 300ZX, RX7, 3000GT and Supra. Can't say I'd really truly mind having any of them today.
      I did kind of have a thing for getting a Yaris and sticking a turbo in it. That desire passed and was never a full blown crush.

  10. Irishzombieman Avatar

    For reasons I still don't understand, the 6th gen Cougars were objects of lust for years.
    <img src="http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/f2/1988_Mercury_Cougar.jpg&quot; width=450>

    1. m4ff3w Avatar

      When I was in 5 I came across a Cougar in a parking lot. I thought it belonged to one of the ThunderCats.

    2. facelvega Avatar

      I'd still go for a Lincoln Mark VII, which is like splitting hairs here.

    3. Froggmann_ Avatar

      And trust me well worth it:
      My 235,000 mile "Chase Truck"
      <img src="http://i133.photobucket.com/albums/q53/Froggmann/Misc/Previous%20Cars/race-car012.jpg&quot; /img>
      A better detailed shot:
      <img src="http://i133.photobucket.com/albums/q53/Froggmann/Misc/Previous%20Cars/stocker018.jpg&quot; /img>

      1. Irishzombieman Avatar

        Cool. How long've you had it?
        Something about the shape of the rear window. . . I still sorta like it, now that I'm looking at it again.

        1. Froggmann_ Avatar

          From 88-99 My mom bought it new in 88, and I took over the car in 96 with 180K some odd miles on it. In three years I put another 55K on it and needed another truck so I bought my Bronco.
          Car was dead reliable original engine and transmission, the only things I had to replace over the years were the radiator, shocks, water pump, thermostat, tps, rack, plugs, oils and timing cover

    4. ptschett Avatar

      I still dig those. There was a nice looking black one in my hometown when I was in high school & driving a '73 Cougar.

  11. Hopman Avatar

    Call me crazy, but for me it was the GM EV1. No gas, a futuristic shape, and cooler inductive charging. Then I found you couldn't BUY one, only lease it.
    Oddly enough, what goes around, comes around, and I now lust for a Tesla Model S.

    1. Irishzombieman Avatar

      My kids have wanted me to get one ever since I showed them the rear jumpseats.

  12. Devin Avatar

    I'm perpetually afraid that I'll find out I don't actually fit in the kei cars I have had a crush on since 1992.

    1. Irishzombieman Avatar

      YES! I badly want a Suzuki Cappuccino. But I fear that fitting into the driver's seat might be like flying coach, after someone's dropped a truck on the airplane's roof.

      1. Vavon Avatar

        You obviously have never flown in coach, compared to sitting in a Cappuccino (if you're tall) that's luxury!
        <img src="http://www.wired.com/images_blogs/autopia/images/2008/11/14/daihatsu_copen_gettin_in.jpg&quot; width="600/">
        Pictured: A similar sized Daihatsu Copen!

        1. duurtlang_ Avatar

          Have you seen this video before? I considered it to be quite amusing, especially after they put the the photographer in the passenger seat. It's in Dutch, but that doesn't have an effect on the imagery.

          1. Vavon Avatar

            Yes, but it still is funny!

    2. BlackIce_GTS Avatar

      I think Kei van trucks are super cool, but it's unlikely I'd be able to fit in one with all my limbs in their stock locations.
      <img src="http://ra64freddy.files.wordpress.com/2010/06/subaru-sambar.jpg"&gt;
      That doesn't mean I can't still like them, there's any largeish number of cars I can't fit in. It's just like cars I can't afford. If I let such practical considerations dampen my enthusiasm I'd just be narrowing the field of cars I get to enthuse about.

      1. Devin Avatar

        Well, yeah I can still like them, but I've always found the Cappuccino/Beat/AZ-1 to be a trio of attainable little fun cars, and it'd be sad if I couldn't fit in one and buy it.
        That said, I can fit in a Kei truck, I sat in one once, so there's some hope. Not exactly the most graceful ingress and egress, but I did fit there.

  13. engineerd Avatar

    Thinking back to the cars I had on my wall as a teen, I can't think of a single one I wouldn't like today. Everything from the BMW 850i to the 1995 Dodge Ram (and I'm a Ford guy).
    Now, the women on my wall would be a different story. I now dismay that poster of Tawny Kitaen.

    1. danleym Avatar

      Had to google her. Yeah, I'd dismay that one, too.
      If we're fessing up to posters on our wall, I had multiple posters of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Actually, my walls were teal and white with a strip of gold between the two because of them. Mind you, this was the late 90s, when they were actually competitive, and I lived in Jacksonville. I'm still a fan, but there hasn't been much to get excited about for a while.
      Other than that I had a poster of GTOs (surprisingly my only car poster as a teen, though I remember having a Testarossa on my wall when I was little), a PBY Catalina, a B-24 and a P-51, as well as numerous model airplanes I built hanging from the ceiling. No regrets there.

      1. engineerd Avatar

        I want to commend you on the PBY Catalina. My pants always get tight when I think of that plane.

  14. Van_Sarockin Avatar

    No regrets at all. And I really liked the X 1/9. Still do. Sure it has limitations, but it's still a fun, small, sporty, good handling mid-engined car with good gas mileage. Hasn't been much competition for that spot since then, either.
    For the record, I'll still stand up for my bedroom wall from junior high: Pantera, MG TC, 3 TVR, SAAB EMS, Blower Bentley, Prewar F1 Alfa. My tastes and needs have changed a bit since I was twelve, but no regrets.

  15. erikgrad Avatar

    Sentra SE-R. Not that it is a bad car, but I question my lack of aspirations:
    <img src="http://media.caranddriver.com/images/media/165858/1992-nissan-sentra-se-r-photo-166375-s-429×262.jpg"&gt;

    1. JayP2112 Avatar

      Not a lack of aspiration- just a sense of reality.
      Mine was-is the A1-A2 GTis and Sciroccos-Corrado.

  16. P161911 Avatar

    I guess the 1984 Corvette. I realized the later C4 Vettes with the LT-1 and without the full digital dash were just a whole lot better. I still miss my 1994 Coupe.

  17. Vavon Avatar

    The Lada Niva! This true 4WD arrived in 1977. That makes it exactly as old as me.
    When I first saw one (I was 5 or 6) doing cool stuff in the local forest, I was sold!
    I wanted that car so I could also drive through rivers and drive over everything.
    As I've started looking for a weekend toy, I decided to finally take the plunge.
    Small enough for my garage, cheap and simple and a true 4×4!
    So the 31st of December 2012 I went for a test-drive in one.
    I was happy as a clam… Already envisioning all the trips I was going to make.
    I ended up not driving it all, because the drivers-seat just wouldn't go back far enough!
    <img src="http://lada-avia.ru/images/model/photo/1311698895.jpg&quot; width=600>

  18. SSurfer321 Avatar

    Mustangs. The whole lot of them.
    I've owned an '85 LX (4-cyl, slushbox) and a '96 V6 AOD and they were pains in the butt. My Dad owns a '65 and an '05 and the '05 has been problematic.
    Maybe my family is cursed but I have no desire to ever own a Mustang again.

    1. CABEZAGRANDE Avatar

      You kept buying base models though. Those are for secretaries and college girls who don't know better. The non-turbo 2.3 was a steaming pile of useless and the 3.8 in the SN95s wasn't much better. Base Mustangs were only ever intended to be a throwaway cheap car with sporting pretentions. Until 2011 there were 2 V8 Mustangs worth having, the SVO and the Turbo GT that preceded it. And even then most V8 cars are kind of terrible until you mod them. My 06 GT was only an OK car until I put a decent suspension under it. View the Mustang as a blank canvas that's kind of bad until it's modded, because that's what they're about, cheap modification turning an affordable but kind of bad car into a giant killer.

      1. SSurfer321 Avatar

        I've driven my Dad's 05 GT and was unimpressed. That damn car keeps eating rear ends, so I assume it was wrecked prior to his purchase.

        1. CABEZAGRANDE Avatar

          The stock suspension on the S197s sucks. It has more ride height than most trucks and I don't know what the hell they were thinking with the damping curves on the shocks. It was unbelievable how much better my car was to drive with some Steeda Sport springs and some Koni yellows. The stock tune on the engine is hyper-annoying too. For some reason I'll never understand Ford built a ton of throttle lag into the car. An intake and tuner got me a decent power gain and a made it SO much more fun to drive by eliminating the lag. Those mods and some good tires made it an extremely fun car to drive and autocross. And something must be wrong if it eats rear ends. The 8.8 in the S197s is bombproof.

      2. Kris_01 Avatar

        Thumbs up for you. I had two base 2.3 Mustang hatches (an 88 automatic and an 89 5 speed). The automatic couldn't get out of its own way. It was like driving a ten year newer Pinto. The 5 speed offered a little more fun but was outpaced by my same-year Escort 2-door 5 speed hatch, and that was no speedster to say the least.
        Made for an interesting comparison, though. Different interpretations of essentially the same vehicle. From the same manufacturer. Pure marketing strategy. But I digress.
        Now a turbo 4 cyl Fox Stang would be plenty fun, especially one without the special bodykit. Imagine a base LX with the hot engine, like what they did with the 5.0 LX.

    2. Arco777 Avatar

      Perhaps it was due to getting the most underpowered versions available? I've owned a 91 GT 'vert 5.0 and a 90 hatchback LX 5.0. Loved them both though the automatic in the LX sapped fun big time. Now have a 2008 Bullitt. What a car! All the fun with none of the flimsyness and fear of dying in a wreck.
      I would say that without the V8, it wouldn't be possible for me to overlook the cars other faults.

  19. Mr.Smee Avatar

    Chevy Citation X-11. I was old enough to be thinking about my first new car and I believed Car and Driver's word on this thing must be true. Fortunately, I ended up with a 78 Malibu coupe with V8 and a four-speed. The G-bodies were far better cars than the X-bodies.

  20. racer139 Avatar

    I had subs to R&T hot rod, car craft and car an driver as a kid on through my teens and had my walls absolutly covered with anything that had an engine. The one that I really like was the xr4ti when it was introduced, what a dissapointment when I bought one in 99 or so. It was an 88 and would nit pick my wallet untill it was empty every month or so there was somthing to replace. I was in my early twenties and my brain hadnt fully devoloped yet, I guess it still hasnt because lately ive been thinking of getting another and dropping a coyote 5.0 into one and replacing every electrical component in it, lights, switches and especially those damn tail light cluster f*+¿$

  21. JayP2112 Avatar

    My formative years were spent with my nose in VWTrends and DB&HotVWs.
    The turbo'd Beetles and Combis were my lust. Only $2000 for a built flat 4 turbo. 180hp was the top back then.
    I had a chance to take a spin in a Thing with the kid. For the love of God- how did we drive those things?
    Last Halloween, I spotted an oval Bug on a rack in a garage. Spoke with the owner and he said he has a 350hp WRX engine to go in it.
    So I'm back to lusting turbo Beetles.

  22. scroggzilla Avatar

    In the 1980's, while in my teens, I can remember being excited by a Renault Fuego Turbo.
    Which just goes to show how easily teenage boys can be excited by something that's blown.


    I actually had pretty good taste as a kid, as my main lusts being a 65 Continental, a Cobra, late 60's Mustangs, and the GT40. The posters on my wall were a BMW M1, a Jag XJ13, and a 68 GT500. Growing up around gearheads helps you get pretty good taste pretty early. I guess the one crush I'm least proud about now was for a while I really wanted a third gen Firebird, thanks to Knight Rider, but I'm not really even that ashamed of that one.

  24. Peter Tanshanomi Avatar
    Peter Tanshanomi

    As for cars, I don't disdain any of them. Even ho-hum underacheivers like the Buick Opel S/C and the Galant Lambda-based Dodge Charger still give me a warm fuzzy. However, Tuesday answer is the KZ440LTD. The first motorcycle I really wanted. Nowadays? Yea, not so much. What a complete turd.
    <img src="http://tanshanomi.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/2-Kawasaki-Z440LTD-1981.jpg&quot; width="500">

    1. Alff Avatar

      Ugh. My equivalent is probably the Seca 750.

      1. Peter Tanshanomi Avatar
        Peter Tanshanomi

        But LCD gauges!

    2. vetteman61 Avatar

      I have a 305csr. They aren't terrible transportation. I use it as an efficiency machine, however, and not an enthusiast's experience.

      1. Peter Tanshanomi Avatar
        Peter Tanshanomi

        The 305 was less reliable but a better riding experience in many ways, Horribly lean carbs, though.

  25. Macko Avatar

    When the 1990 Dodge Monaco came out, I thought it was the best looking new car I had ever seen. I was about 17. I did not rate the Eagle Premier at all, though. I still don't know what that was about. prior to that, I really admired the 1983 Pontiac Parisienne. My first two cars were both Studebakers, though so I guess that might explain something.

  26. Arco777 Avatar

    The third generation Camaro. I LOVE the looks of the car, but after owning a 91 model, I realize that it is best experienced in 2D. Everything made so cheaply! Truly a disposable sports car for the times. Still, on my bucket list is buying a cheap 91-92 model Z28 and rebuilding it from the ground up my way – keeping the looks stock, but installing a Ford drivetrain, my own wiring, full aftermarket suspension and a heavily reinforced chassis. Perhaps will never happen, but that's the only way the Camaro could live up to my expectations – if I built it myself.

  27. gessvt Avatar

    1983 Pontiac 6000STE. My buddy's dad bought one new. All of the 13-14 year old boys in the neighborhood, myself included, were in awe.

  28. Andy Avatar

    My first car was an 82 X-1/9 with fuel injection. I remember it had 45K miles, no rust, and it was $600 in 1991. It was very reliable and everybody loved it. Loved the mid-engine handling when we would race cars around the lake in high school. My sister pretty much destroyed it while I was away at school. Now I have a mid-engine Cayman S and my sister will not be getting to drive it.

  29. lincoln Avatar

    My first car. At 17 I thought I was the biggest badass in the world.

    1. Vavon Avatar

      Courtesy picture embedding!
      <img src="http://media.motortopia.com/files/19554/vehicle/4c2789922f3c8/IMG_89261.jpg&quot; width="600/">

  30. jeepjeff Avatar

    My first car loves were the De Lorean and the Mustang II. When I was a kid, the De Lorean was my favorite car. When I was in high school, the Mustang II (now 20 years old) was a favorite. I had no idea how good or bad they really were.
    Now that I know. No regrets. I still like both of 'em. Maybe not as singularly as I once did, but that's just because the field has been expanded to include Pacers, Chrysler A-Bodies, Rambler Americans, 914s and the like. The closes thing to an honest high-end sports car that I could see buying is a 911 S/C.

  31. zsvdkhnorc Avatar

    Growing up, I loved 70s Continentals, anything Duesenberg, early 80s Corollas, and the '49 Ford and Mercury. I don't regret any of those, and in fact now own a '74 Continental.

  32. Rollwithit Avatar

    Back in '78 when I was 12 years old ,a screaming chicken made much more sense.
    <img src="http://www.allmusclecars.com/projects/1977/dr77se10.JPG&quot; width="600">

    1. danleym Avatar

      On a related note, I thought these were cool when I was younger still think these are cool.
      <img src="http://www.cartype.com/pics/1122/small/hood_79_21.jpg"&gt;

  33. dukeisduke Avatar

    For me, it was the Citation X-11 as well. The first year it was basically a stripe package, but the next year they added the 2.8 HO V6. Too bad they turned out to be such crapmobiles. Every once in a great while I see a Citation on the road, and I marvel.
    Runner-ups? The Pontiac 6000STE, and the Thunderbird Turbo Coupe and Super Coupe.

  34. Fritzo2162 Avatar

    I thought the new VW Beetle was the coolest when it came out, because I had a 72 Super Beetle in college that got me through nearly anything.
    Then, I later learned that the only thing the new version had in common with the old was a stupid bud vase. *sigh*

    1. dead_elvis Avatar

      I believe I've read here on the 'verse that they shared wheel bearings, too. Excited now?

  35. owl Avatar

    These were my to drool overs: I used to make my own posters – Lancia Stratos, BMW 3.0CSL, Citroen SM, Maserati Merak, Lancia Fulvia HF, Citroen DS. I own a DS and won't part with it. I would pay money (if I had it) for any of the others. No regrets, I was right when I was 13 and nothing's changed in 40 years…

    1. Van_Sarockin Avatar

      I'd swap the Merak for a Bora. Otherwise, impeccable.

  36. MattC Avatar

    Fiero 2M4. I lusted after these when I was a teenager (In the 1980s). I had an opportunity to buy a low mileage one in the mid 1990's but wound up buying a Saab 9000 (great car)after the test drive. It was everything that ws right/wrong with GM in the 1980's. Great concept with poor drivetrains, fit and finish, and a general feel of apathy.
    Now to be honest, I still look at used Fiero's every now and then. One thing about the car, it is has a general resurgense and a proper aftermarket. Plus the engine bay can basically handle anything you want to stuff into it (GM 3.1, 3.4, 3800 NA and SC, 305, 350, Quad4, Ecotec, and the list goes on and on. I have even seen a VW Vr6 engine powered Fiero). So I look at the car a a blank canvas with plenty of options.

  37. MattC Avatar


    1. Maymar Avatar

      I really can't fault the Cutlass Supreme, especially with the 3.4, and the ultra-rare 5-speed. And with the 5-spokes, it still is a pretty decent looking car. I assume it wouldn't drive too differently from the Lumina Euro I got a bit of seat time in, which wasn't horrendous.
      Hell, even the Cavalier isn't entirely without merits for the right price. I'd go back a few years though, just for the graph paper wheels.

  38. HycoSpeed Avatar

    I had a wide ranging taste in automobiles, most of which I still have an interest in, however weird they might be. Two that immediately come to mind, both from the same time period:the Ford Festiva and Ranger Splash.

  39. Maymar Avatar

    <img src="http://www.uniquecarsandparts.com.au/images/car_spotters_guide/1993/1993_Ford_Aerostar_Eddie_Bauer_Extended.jpg&quot; /img>
    When I was little, I had a thing for the Ford Aerostar. Don't really know why. I still don't question it has some merits, but I'm assuming it wouldn't drive that differently from a Chevy Astro, and the ill-maintained Astro I drove for work was mildly terrifying.

    1. Age_of_Aerostar Avatar

      I've been away for too long, work uses up Hooniverse time….. but felt I needed at least to say something here, even if it's 9 weeks late……. I understand, I may be the only one, but I understand.

  40. ptschett Avatar

    20 years ago, I was 12 years old, and had a "1993 Cars" paperback book printed by Consumer's something-or-other. (Not Reports, but another outfit.) The main part of the book was set up with the even pages having their write-up about the car, and the odd pages having their ratings & the car's specs; the back of the book was a more-or-less complete listing of each car's options & sticker/invoice/fair prices.
    To judge from what combinations I highlighted in the back of the book, my taste was generally horrible. Examples: GM J-cars? Yes please. Dodge Intrepid? 3.3L base model in, effectively, government-fleet spec. Etc…

  41. mallthus Avatar

    I'm not going to lie. I still want one even though I now know it's so, so, wrong.
    <img src="http://www.ridelust.com/wp-content/uploads/1989_aston_martin_lagonda.jpg&quot; width=600>

    1. Peter Tanshanomi Avatar
      Peter Tanshanomi

      well, duh.

    2. eam3 Avatar

      I still do. Love, love, love Lagondas.

  42. peter_ayers Avatar

    Maybe it was the giant tail lights, I don't know what was wrong with me…
    <img src="http://www.productioncars.com/send_file.php/chevy_beretta_z26_front_red_1994b.jpg&quot; >

  43. Tomsk Avatar

    <img src="http://www.autogaleria.hu/autok/pontiac/bonneville-ssei-1992-95/pontiac_bonneville-ssei-1992-95_r4.jpg&quot; width="500" />
    Hey, I was 8 or 9, okay?! And they were supercharged!

  44. Chris Garza Avatar
    Chris Garza

    Triumph Spitfire/GT6. No foot room for anything beyond very small feet, and the cabin heat is uncomfortable & can be dangerous since even having a heater on inside my house can cause me to overheat dangerously if I'm around it long enough…

  45. Kris_01 Avatar

    I remember thinking that the new Dodge Intrepids were one a hell of a car. I was 12 and it was 1992. As I cast my mind back to that fateful-in-so-many-ways summer, I remember that my family's stable of vehicles consisted of an aging poverty-spec K-Car that Dad bought new in '86, and a used Fox body '84 Ford LTD Brougham with every concievable option Ford could throw on it. Yes, even the fake-convertible-top Cambria-Cloth roof tratment.
    LTDScott, eat your heart out. The LX had the power but goddamnit that Brougham had the comfort!
    Anyway, on visits to the Dodge dealer when Dad would have the oil changed or tires done on the K-Car (literally the only option on this car was the auto tranny – even had 13" rims with mini-hubcaps), I would grab new vehicle sales brochures. I remember lusting after an Intrepid in the WORST way. What a good looking car, and so removed from what we were then driving. No less than three computers! Hell, we didn't even have ONE! 16" rims? Jesus Tap-Dancing Christ, this car would turn on a dime and give you nine cents change with steamroller meats like that! I didn't know what the hell Cab Forward meant but dammit this car had it, so why didn't we?
    I bought my first Intrepid, a '97, last of the first gen models, in 2005. I didn't keep it long, and somehow, I understood why Dad stayed with the MalaiseMobiles as long as he did.
    I'm Kris, and I've always had a thing for K-Cars.

  46. pizzahoon Avatar

    <img src="http://www.mygenerallee.com/gary%20schneider%20general%20lee.jpg&quot; width="600">
    Coming from Europe, these cars were like exotics here! And watching the good ol' Dukes tearin' it up just made my night as I went off to bed as a little kid! Also Mercedes was one of my favorites, because dad drove an old w126 S-Class and at one time had a 190D

  47. eam3 Avatar

    My tastes haven't changed much. As a kid I loved a family friend's BMW E12 and a neighbor's BMW Bavaria. The Ford GT-40 and Ferrari 308GTB were on my wall as well as a 2nd generation Trans Am (I cut out the page from a 1974 Pontiac brochure). I'd still be quite happy with any one of those today.

  48. ansonchappell Avatar

    Oldsmobile Trofeo. What the hell was I thinking?
    <img src="http://gomotors.net/photos/d3/b8/medium-gray-metallic-1988-oldsmobile-toronado-trofeo-with-gray-interior-1988_1d45e.jpg&quot; width="600">

  49. Jarod Avatar

    Maserati BiTurbo.

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