Hooniverse Asks- What Would Your Car's Theme Song Be?

Usually when we get into our cars the radio is on, already set to a favorite music station, or one streaming out the constant drone of news and traffic. That kind of background noise pervades our relationships with our daily drivers, but when thinking about that ride, what song plays in your head?

Do you rock a Metallica Mustang? How about a big band Buick? Maybe you slide across the hood of your Caprice Classic every morning to the throbbing beat of the Beastie Boys’ Sabotage.

Maybe it’s not a particular song, maybe  it’s a beat or mood set by the music from a particular movie you might have seen. Do you roll with the chichie-chichie-wow-wow of a porno soundtrack in the background of your mind? Or maybe it’s just the theme from Top Gear going on in there while you say to yourself today we’re driving to the most boring job. . . in the world.

So what theme song does your car engender? Does it do so due to the maker’s use of that particular ditty in their ads, or is it something else that has bubbled to the top of your fervid imagination whilst driving it? And if it’s something by Justin Bieber, that’s okay too.

Image sources: [CSUFresno.edu, iprior.js]

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