Hooniverse Asks- What Was Your Most Awkward Driving Experience?

Decades ago, I got to drive a Caterham Se7en. That might seem like a plum opportunity, and one to be savored, however this Caterham in question was right-hand drive, had Webers that were jetted for the track, as well as a clutch that Arnold Schwarzenegger would find harder than explaining why the maid’s son has gapped teeth. My previous right-hand driving experience had been limited to a rather rough and shiver me timbered Morgan, which I embarrassingly pawed the air outside of with my right hand, missing most of the shift opportunities. But back to that Caterham. I was ill prepared for what it took to drive that thing, and keeping the revs in a place where dumping the hair trigger clutch wouldn’t cause the engine to flat-line was exacerbated by the fact that nearly everything was on the wrong side. Needless to say, my lack of mad skillz did not engender confidence in the owner, and when took over behind the tiny gokart-esque wheel, he proved that the problem had been me, and not the car. Sadness ensued. But what about you, have you had either a run-in with a car that was not immediately masterable? Or, perhaps you’ve had a trip with others that has been so surreal that it made you wonder what kind of drugs you were on. Either way, what has been your most awkward driving experience?

Image source: [apartmenttherapy]

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