Hooniverse Asks- What Should be The Official Car of Where you Live?

official The first time I visited Hawaii I rented a Chrysler Sebring droptop. From the looks of the cars on the road while I was there, so did everyone else. The next time I went, my family had expanded to the point where I needed something a little roomier and so I laid down the plastic and picked up a Ford Escape. It wasn’t just me that was eschewing the convertible Chrysler for another, it looked like its position as the official car of Hawaii had been usurped by the Ford Mustang convertible. Good for it. There are many places where it seems that either the populace or perhaps happenstance has made one car model the one that anyone there ever apparently buys. Cadillacs in Florida, Old Volvos in Vermont, Subies in Denver, you get the picture. Aside from that Hawaii trip I haven’t gotten to do much traveling- stupid ankle bracelet. Because of that, I’d like you to be my travel guide and give me the flavor of wherever it is you live by telling  us all what’s the most common car that’s driven there. Help a brother out will ya- where do you live and what is, in your opinion, that locale’s official car? Image source: CamaroPerformers

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