Hooniverse Asks- What Sexy Car Has the Most Un-Sexy Name, And Visa-Versa?

That car up there is the Apollo. While debate over its beauty may be valid, there’s no arguing that its performance is sexy, being one of the fastest and more raw-edged super cars on the planet. And then there’s the name – Gumpert. Gumpert isn’t a sexy name, it’s the name of your sweaty typing teacher in 8th grade. Gumpert is the evil prince in a children’s fable. There are no super models named Gumpert.

So does that qualify as the sexiest car with the least sexy name, or can you come up with better example? And what about the opposite, what of a non-sexy car with a name that sounds like drinking Dom Perignon White Gold Jeroboam from Gisele Bundchen’s stiletto heel? What about the Chrysler Sebring? That’s the Pugsley Addams of the rental fleets, but the name conjures up visions of the sensuous curves of the super speedway  and engines screaming long into the night.  You might expect to find that venerated name attached to a car than might reasonably ply the track with just a roll bar and a natty set of driving gloves. But instead, it’s glued, inescapably,to a mediocre and plainly homely four door sedan and  coupe, of which the most generous thing can be said is that at least they aren’t popular so they’ll go away sooner. So, ugly casrs with sexy names, and sexy cars with ugly names, let’s hear ’em. There’s plenty of cars that are both ugly and have an equally unattractive appellation- such as the Fiat Multipla. That’s too easy, we want the polar opposites in designation and application. Bring on the ugly-sexy cars! Image sources: [Wired.com, CarGuideWeb.com]

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