Hooniverse Asks- What Modern Car Would Look Awesome With Whitewalls?

Like the phases of the moon, or the tide, styling trends tend to wax and wan. However, unlike those natural phenomena, the popularity of certain design attributes is unexplainable to more than just Bill O’Reilly. One automotive design aesthetic that seems to have fallen out of favor is that of whitewall tires. This is surprising considering the lengths people go to to personalize their cars, and the tires being one aspect that is easily alterable.

Perhaps the reason for whitewalls to have fallen from favor is because of the popularity of low profile tires over the past two decades, wheels getting progressively taller while tires have gotten steadily thinner until they reach the sprayed-on gum band level of many show cars. But being thin doesn’t mean you can’t also be stylish, after all, should the chubbies have all the accessorizing fun just because of their greater canvas?

Okay, so it’s decided then that whitewalls should make a comeback, but as not every car being built today will benefit from their flair, we’ll need to choose the cars that will look the best with formally attired tires. What modern cars do you think would look killer with whitewall tires? 

Image: [skyroadster]

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