Hooniverse Asks- What Modern Car Should Every Car-Crazy Teen Have On Their Bedroom Wall?

When I was growing up I had  posters on my wall- one was Farrah Fawcett with waves of golden hair and breasts barely contained by a red swimsuit. The other was of a Lamborghini Countach. To say I represented the 95th percentile of American male tweens goes without saying. Sadly today, Farrah is long gone but the Countach still remains wall-worthy, in my estimation. But that’s only because of the reminiscence  that it engenders. For today’s awkward, Red Bull-popping car-rabid kid, what would take its place?
There’s lots of celebutards to replace Farrah on kids’ walls – from the Twilight twinks to that Achy-breaky harlot that’s been skanking up the tabloids of late. But who gives a paparazzi’s pimento about them, what about the cars? A right of passage for every teen is that of getting their driver’s license. It ranks right up there with losing one’s virginity as the best damn thing that could possibly happen to you while you’re still living with your parents.
And just like sex, the act of receiving that 80-points plus on the driving test welcoming you into the fraternity of motorists, rather than just someone who’s along for the ride, can be over in mere minutes, but the preparation leading up to that momentous occasion takes years. Most of that time is spent plastering the walls of your bedroom with posters of cars that you are DEFINITELY going to be getting your hands on once you get that golden ticket known as a driver’s license.
As I noted, my proclivities tended to the Italian, and I chose what I’d later discover to be one of the most uncomfortable and difficult to drive vehicles this side of a Conestoga Wagon – the Countach. I also had a few Ferrari and TVR posters up on the wall, but the Lambo – along with Farrah – held court in my room.
So what do you think is the aspirational ride that tweens today pine after? Is it the Veyron, the Vette, or maybe it’s a Gangsta’ 300C that all the kids are tweeting about these days. Whatever it is, you can be assured that there’s a picture of it up on the wall of the inner sanctum of many an American youth.
Image sources: [niot.net, filmschoolrejects.com]

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