Hooniverse Asks- What is your most embarrassing oops?

Having been a licensed driver for almost 20 years I can proudly say my oopsies are few and far between.  I have never been in any sort of serious accident, minor fender-benders notwithstanding.  In that time I have only had 3 (I think) speeding tickets, the most recent being in ’98.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve dodged more fines than I can count.  Without going into detail, I can openly admit that on more than one occasion I should have probably gone to jail for my shenanigans.  Live and learn right?  Truth be told, my most embarrassing moment was probably when I was about 18.  I had just bought a no-frills, pristine little Toyota pickup.  I was parked in front of my best friends house, blocking the driveway.  His dad came out and asked me to move so he could get his car out.  My stereo was blaring and I had my leg hanging out the door.  Something in my head told me that using my right foot to feather the clutch to inch backwards 10 feet was a good idea.  A dented tailgate and 10 minutes of pointing and laughing told me otherwise.  I was fortunate enough to be able to spin that into a funny story rather than me running off into the woods, scared that his dad was going to kill me for backing into their truck.  Luckily, there was no damage done to their truck and I got out alive with nothing more than a bruised ego and some dented sheet metal. And that brings me to this video I saw on the local news the other night. So, what is your most embarrassing “oops?”

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