Hooniverse Asks- What is the Most Unfortunate Design House-Styled Production Car? (Design Week)

Francis Ford Coppola directed The Godfather, Godfather II and Apocalypse Now. He also is responsible for Bram Stoker’s Dracula and One From the Heart. Apple Inc. brings us the iPhone, the iPad, and may have either saved or destroyed the music industry, depending on who you ask. That tech giant has also flubbed the move to online data storage – known to pasty geeks as The Cloud – not once, not twice, but three times so far.

That’s all preamble to set the stage for today’s Design Week Hooniverse Asks in which we want to know for what design heavy hitter proved to be the biggest strike out? Design houses live or die on their work, and those efforts need to both be iconic and representative of their ethos, as well as not making people throw up a little bit in their mouths.

Since one-off show cars are so wildly disrespectful of the need to appeal to the mass market we’re going to stick with design house artwork that clothes actual production cars. I know that I cheated that requirement in the lede photo, the Rolls Royce Hyperion being not just one of Pininfarina’s less proud moments, but also something that will (thankfully) never see even limited production. But that’s me and I get to stretch the rules because I’m the one who makes them up. For, let’s keep the mis-fires to cars and trucks – and whatever else you can find – that someone outside of the 1% could reasonably expect to buy. What do you think  is the worst Design House designed production car?

Image: [clutchd]

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