Hooniverse Asks- What do you Think is the World’s Most Famous Motorcycle?


They say that fame is fleeting. As coincidence would have it, so are many motorcycles. Of course being fleet of foot, er tire, isn’t a necessity when it comes to motorcycle fame. Significance however, is.

Today being Two Wheel Tuesday what we’d like to know is which motorcycle – whether a specific bike or a model run of them – do you think is that most significant and hence the one to garner the claim of world’s greatest fame. I’d say you’ve got plenty from which to choose – Evel Kenevel’s rocket bike, the chopper Peter Fonda rode in Easy Rider, or maybe the Triumph TT masquerading as a German bike used by Steve McQueen in The Great Escape being just a few.

Of course there are probably others, separated from the movie bikes and the stunt rides, that could be considered even more significant and hence could hold the crown. Whichever the source, what do you think is the most famous motorcycle… in the world?

Image source: canosaurus

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