Hooniverse Asks- What Do You Picture Yourself Driving in Ten Years?

When I was an adolescent, I had a list of cars I planned on owning approximately 10 years hence – once I had a steady job and could manage a stable of 8 or 10 cars. Well, reflecting on that list (which I won’t share), it appears I had extremely plebeian tastes and little concept of where such a collection would live. But that kind of anticipatory planning is always half the fun for a car enthusiast. Plus it’s a lot cheaper than actually buying all that stuff. But the biggest revelation of that list was how far reality landed from my earliest expectations.

That’s most likely the case even today, and not just for me. I’ll bet that you have planned your goal cars and perhaps even your daily drivers for both the near future and (no pun intended) down the road. And not being Marty McFly, it’s likely that you don’t have a clue what that actual future holds. 

Still, as I noted it’s fun to dream and who knows, should you be especially tenacious and singularly focused, maybe those dreams will come true, after all Jiminy Cricket. Whether fanciful or not, what do you envision yourself driving ten years hence? Do you see yourself in a highly efficient hybrid on weekdays and a 427 Cobra as compensation on the weekend? Or, ever the stoic realist, do you plan to still be driving that in which you’re planting your butt today? 

Image: [householdname]

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