Hooniverse Asks- What Do Other Drivers Do That Pisses You Off the Most?

Yesterday afternoon, while out running around, some ass-hat pulled into my lane, while I WAS STILL OCCUPYING IT. I laid on the horn to alert them to their ass-hattery, but that only served to make them apply their horn and come to a complete stop in front of me. Later that night I was driving down a well-lit residential street and a car coming the other way had his brights on. I flashed my lights at him, the car behind me did the same, as did the car following him. Nothing. Like I said, ass-hats.

These kind of actions really chap my ass. I mean, how hard is it not to try and change lanes until the lane you want to occupy is clear? And not running your brights at on-coming traffic? That takes like moving your pinky finger to fix. So, those are a couple of the activities that my fellow motorists practice which really get my blood boiling. I’m also not a fan of the gutter snipers, but that didn’t happen to me today, so we’ll just leave it at that. But what about you? What driver-dumbshittery takes the cake for you? Are you particularly un-fond of the tailgaters who must think they’re Navy pilots needing to land on the USS Your Trunk Lid? Maybe it’s the I don’t turn on my signal until I’ve been sitting in the intersection and you can’t get around me people? Whatever it is, I’m sure it’s happened to you enough times that you’ve secretly formulated a revenge plan for the perpetrators and are just looking for a legal loophole so you can extract justice. Wouldn’t that be great, to be able to actually do what you’re thinking? Like affixing a snow plow blade to the front of your car and knocking all the cars in the no-parking express lane onto the curb, hopefully crushing their owners in the process? Ah, we can all dream, can’t we? But before then, we gotta’ know what boils your oysters, what road ridiculousness gets your rage a raging. What do the bone-heads out there do that pisses you off the most? Image sources: [ Amazon.com, Danesh.wordpress.com]

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