Hooniverse Asks- What Detroit Show Debut Most Gives You The Tinglies?


While Detroit hasn’t been the automotive manufacturing mecca for decades, it’s still the home to many car companies, and hence still earns the name: Motor City. That makes the Detroit Auto Show – hubristically self-titled the North American International Auto Show, an automotive event that a lot of car makers consider one of the world’s most important.

It’s so important that we didn’t have anybody who we could pay enough to both brave the cold and make the trip, but we do have some great coverage from one of our friends. You’ve also no doubt seen a lot of the press coverage from our other friends over at both Jalopnik and AutoBlog. As always, they both have killer coverage, and by now you should be pretty familiar with a lot of what the show has to offer.

We’ll be sharing our thoughts on that later this morning, but until then we want to put YOU in the driver’s seat and ask you what Motor City introductions you’ve seen that really get your motor running. It’s show time, and we want your pick for the best Detroit is debuting.

Image source: NAIAS

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