Hooniverse Asks- What Company Do You Think Will Build The Last V12-Powered Car?

Jag V12

In yesterday’s query I noted that for decades auto manufacturers have used cylinder count as a status symbol. Ford first offered a V8 partially because Chevrolet had introduced a six, and Cadillac’s Depression-era V16 was introduced to top the V12 cars from competitors like Packard and Franklin. Similarly, it took Ferrari 28 years to allow a road car with anything less than twelve cylinders under the hood to carry its badge.

The V12 has over time become the mama bear of high-end sporty and luxury cars, not too big and not too small. Offered in series production only in Europe exclusively since WWII, with only the notable exceptions of the Toyota Century, Lincoln Continental, and something from China called the Hongqi HQE, the V12 engine has proven to be an icon of attainment. At one time there were British, German, and Italian versions from which to choose here in the states, however today those countries have been culled to just the boot-shaped nation of Italy and the Germanic/British alliance known as Aston Martin. The Chinese and Japanese presently choose to keep their twelves at home.

The question for today isn’t will the V12 continue, as its demise is pretty likely seeing the way manufacturers are presently downsizing displacement on their offerings. The question instead, and today’s Hooniverse Asks is who you think will build the final automotive iteration of what has for decades been the standard bearer of expensive performance. Who do you think will build the last V12-powered car?

Image source: Philscollectorcarworld

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