Hooniverse Asks- What Classmate’s Car Were You Most Envious Of In High School?

I went to a pretty affluent High School and it wasn’t all that shocking to see somebody roll into the campus parking lot in an Aston Martin V8 or Lamborghini Silhouette. Those were always their dads’ cars, and either their parents were hugely trusting (meaning drunks), or they happened to be away for the week, Risky Business style. Still, there were a lot of cool cars, trucks, and bikes that my peers did actually call their own. And, as I was at the time rocking an amazing ’61 Corvair turtle top sedan, back before such things were hipster chic, you can bet that there were some that made me a little green with envy. Or maybe it was the flu that did that, I really can’t recall, high school being such a blur.

What about you? Do you even remember high school? Or maybe you’re still in the throes of that adolescent animal farm as we speak. Were there/are there peers whose rides you coveted more than your own? Maybe it was Jake with his smoldering good looks and red Porsche 944 that made each trip to the parking lot a reminder of your own grim existence. Or perhaps it was pretty much anything there that caused you consternation as you rode by on your 10-speed Schwinn. Hell, even a Kia Rio would have been appreciated.

High school is a microcosm of society with hormones, where the littlest things – both real and imagined – can set off life-long feelings of bitterness and jealousy. It’s the place where we establish ourselves, our personalities and positions in the social structure, right before college gives the opportunity to wipe the slate clean. Still, there are some things that just can’t be forgotten, which of those for you were the cars of your high school classmates?

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