Hooniverse Asks- What City has the Most Car Cred?

You know, they still call Detroit the Motor City, but when was the last time you actually bought a car that was either designed or built there? After all, other cities around the globe – Stuttgart, Coventry, Toyota City – have become equally synonymous with the automotive wares they produce. And then there’s those that, while being the home to some epochal cars, have remained in relative obscurity – can anyone come up with the automotive link of Basel Switzerland?

That’s just places where cars are built, completely ignoring places like Los Angeles where for years even the city building code feted automotive culture. What about that? The city of Monterey California has done more for the preservation of classic automobiles despite its never being a home to a single factory that built them.

Considering that car culture, derived either through a singular connection with a manufacturing concern, being the home to a hallowed brand, or though necessity by design that engenders a love of the automobile, what city is the most credible name in cars?

Image: [drpinna.com]

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