Hooniverse Asks- What Cars Are Vilified in Their Home Country but Loved in Others?

They say abstinence makes the heart grow fonder. Or maybe it’s absinthe makes the heart go flutter? Either way, it always seems we want the most that which we cannot have, especially when it comes to cars. Usually, when we do finally get the object of our desires we treat it with unwarranted idolatry. Just the fact that it’s a Fiat makes the new 500 special in the minds of many U.S. car buyers, even though it’s just another small hatch back on the boot.

And sometimes cars that are loved in one place, are hated back where they originated. Part of this discordance could be attributed to scarcity, as almost everything that’s rare or an unusual sight generates, at the very least, interest. But what about enthusiasm? What of cars that are seen as odious in their home country, but have a healthy following elsewhere? Are there automotive equivalents of David Hasselhoff?

Chevy’s S-10 based SSR was not a particularly good vehicle on any count, and that’s being charitable. However, I have seen posts on European forums where SSRs have been feted after continental drifting over there. I don’t know if it’s the inherent American-ness of it – Europeans envisioning adopting cowboy accouterments and a hee-haw attitude and whooping it up in the thing – but I can’t think of another explanation. Whatever the irrational rationale, what other cars are hated at home but loved abroad?

Image: [Telkine via Flickr]

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