Hooniverse Asks- What Car or Truck Should Have a Drink Named For It?

Right off the bat, drinking and driving are a Hooniverse no-no. I just need to get that out of the way, because, while we will be talking about cars and quaffs, and how the former might prove the inspiration for the latter. . . blah, blah blah, cars and booze don’t mix.

Okay, got that? Now then, lets mix some cars and booze – in the hypothetical sense. The one thing about cocktails is the vast surfeit of names given to the various concoctions. There’s the Slippery Nipple, Sex on the Beach, the Manhattan, Blue Marlin, Ramos Fizz. . . it’s damn-near endless. And many of the cocktail names are taken from a particular locale, object, or sensation the mix of liquors are intended to evoke.  In fact, there’s a mondo cool NPR program called The Dinner Party Download which has a segment where they pick an obscure historical event and then have a professional mixologist create a drink to call forth that event in beverage form. So far they haven’t done anything connected with the automotive industry.

I figured we could rectify that oversight, and seeing as it’s Friday and many of us will be later celebrating the end of the week with a libation, we should think of what car or truck should be honored with a cocktail, and of what that car-connected concoction would consist. Aside from the Boxcar, and Irish Car Bomb, there aren’t any really famous drinks with even tangentially automotive names. Oh sure, there’s the Little Red Corvette but that sounds like it’s been fashioned more for Prince than the car. Let’s see if we can fix this situation, what drinks can you come up with that would actually honor an auto?

Image: [priceofhistoys

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