Hooniverse Asks-What Car or Truck Looks the Best When Lowered?

Eldorado Down In the ’70s you might have been instructed to get down and get funky! Those dancing days were also the heyday of the low rider, that unique subset of car culture that focuses on cars that literally get down. Today that has branched out into the stanced set, and for years cars have been lowered for improved handling and not just the ability to look up girls’ mini skirts from their drivers’ seats. Some cars and trucks look goofy when dropped, while others may make you slap your forehead in wonderment as to why they never scraped the pavement from the factory. As you might expect, there’s the right way to drop a car – purpose-built springs and struts, and perhaps hydraulic helpers to get you over life’s little bumps in the road. There’s also the wrong way, which usually involves cutting springs and letting air out of tires. For those who take that route, I just want you to know, you’re not fooling anyone. I’m not fooling when I ask, what is in your opinion the car or truck that, visually at least, gains the most from being dropped? What do you think, what is the best-looking lowered car? Image: losboulevardos

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