Hooniverse Asks: What Car or Truck has the Coolest Song Written About it?

Little Deuce Coupe
Cars and music go way back together, all the way to 1930 when Paul and Joseph Galvin introduced their first Motorola (get it, motor – rola?) radio for cars. The company would eventually make its fortune selling car radios to police departments, thus creating the term ‘Radio Car’ leaving others to fill the consumer hunger for tunes on the road.
Some of those tunes heard in cars, were actually about cars, as the whole genre of hot rod sound exploded across America in the late fifties and early sixties. That wasn’t the only era for odes to automobiles. Even before that people had to get out and get under, get out and get under their automobiles. More recently, the Boss, Bruce Springsteen got us all wanting to find out what you do there in the back of your pink Cadillac.
What we’re interested in today are songs more like the Boss’ which are about a specific type of car. It may be a ’32 Deuce, or a Thunderbird in which Daddy’s girl has fun, fun, fun. What we want to know is which car or truck has enjoyed the greatest tribute in song?
Image: RapGenius

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69 responses to “Hooniverse Asks: What Car or Truck has the Coolest Song Written About it?”

  1. P161911 Avatar

    Recorded in 1929, this has to be one of the earliest. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chZ4lAzC-0g
    Extolling the virtues of the Chevrolet Six and its ability to outrun the cops.

  2. Krautwursten Avatar

    Son, yer gonna drive me to drinkin’ if ya don’t stop drivin’ that hot rod Lincoln.

    1. P161911 Avatar

      Was just reading up on the history of this song. Apparently the original version was a Model A with a Lincoln V-12 in it. Commander Cody changed it to a V-8.

    2. Bryce Womeldurf Avatar

      This came on recently when I went for a drink with some friends in Austin. All of us being car guys, it was like it came on just for us.

  3. Tanshanomi Avatar

    [There was one room in her house that was always kept locked. It was…the garage!]
    I don’t want your love
    I don’t want your money
    I just want the key to your Ferrari
    Don’t want your bed
    I don’t want your body
    I want the key to your Ferrari
    I’m gonna rip it – shine it – rev it – scoot it – skid it – jam it
    Rev it – skip it – gun it
    Up and down the 101
    Don’t want your love
    Don’t want your money, girl
    I said all I want is the key to your Ferrari
    [And then… I saw her. She was a bright red ’64 GTO with fins and gills like some giant piranha fish, some obscene phallic symbol on wheels. Little rivers of anticipation ran down my inseam as I kicked those five hundred Italian horses into life and left reality behind me. Fifty, sixty, seventy miles an hour. Oh! My hand slipped inside the belt of my trousers as we passed eighty, ninety miles an hour. And as we hit the magic 100 my love exploded all over her bright pink leather interior. And at that moment, I thought of my mother.]
    Don’t need no drugs
    Don’t need no liquor
    All I want is the key to your Ferrari
    You ruby lips – pah!
    Your perfect figure – uggh!
    I just want the key to your Ferrari
    I’m gonna rev it – jam it – scram it – rip it – tear it – bare it –
    Ram it – repair it – scoot it
    Up and down the 101
    Don’t want your love
    Don’t want your money, girl
    I said all I want is the key to your Ferrari — Zaba-da-bow!
    He’s gonna rev it – scoot it – skid it – rev it – skip it – gun it –
    Brake it – zoom it – vacuum it
    Up and down the 101
    Don’t want your love
    Don’t want your money, girl
    I said all I want is the key to your Ferrari
    I just want the key to your Ferrari!
    [’Cause aliens ate my Buick]

  4. 0A5599 Avatar

    Bitchin’ Camaro is a Lemons penalty.

    LeMons Correctional System Innovations: The Bitchin’ Camaro Penalty

  5. Kiefmo Avatar

    Hands-down favorite, though the make/model is a bit vague.

    1. JayP Avatar

      Print article it was an MGB. Peart made it a Ferrari 166.
      I’ll be seeing the boys next week at AAC in Dallas. They’ll play Red Barchetta.

      1. Kiefmo Avatar

        Where’d you learn the Ferrari 166 factoid? I thought I’d researched that song to death trying to figure out which car was Peart’s inspiration, but obviously my google fu was not strong on that one.
        They’ll be in KC in July. Never seen them live, but I’ll be working the night of the concert, so yet again, I’ll miss ’em.

        1. JayP Avatar

          I can’t recall exactly. Peart prolly said it once in an article and it became gospel. I looked up 166 on wiki and saw it again. There’s an article where Peart tried to give credit to the author but it wasn’t until the internet when he found out he was the inspiration for Red Barchetta. They became chums and ride together. Cool.
          I’m taking the kid. This might be the last time they tour with this type of show. Or give it 10 years for the R50 tour…

          1. Kiefmo Avatar

            It’s just as well. Tickets for the Sprint Center are insane, and as much as I love live music, I don’t enjoy most concert goers.
            Thankfully, concerts are recorded.
            I’ve got some time coming up where the wife and kids will be gone for a few days, so I’m thinking that I’ll be watching some of those on the home theater with a sixer.

          2. JayP Avatar

            I don’t go to movies. I hate people.
            But Rush is worth seeing. I’m in the ClockWork Angels DVD from 2013.
            At the Rush shows, I’m the dingdong screaming “2112!!” or “Anything from Moving Pictures!!”

        2. Tanshanomi Avatar

          The first rock concert I ever went to was Rush — Permanent Waves Tour, Kemper Arena, February 1980. I think we paid $12 each for lower-level seats.

          1. JayP Avatar

            $300… So we’ll in the cheaps screaming 2112!

  6. Jofes2 Avatar

    Do ad jingles count? In that case…
    It’s been stuck on my brain for years.

    1. Citric Avatar

      If that counts this counts:

      Do I sometimes sing about Turismo Dusters in the shower? Possibly.

      1. mzszsm Avatar

        Remember this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sSftTKl1GXM With the help of some translation tools and a person that knew some Japanese I was able to track down more music by the composer. He went through this phase later where he wrote compositions to be played on children’s toys.

      2. mad_science Avatar

        The best description of that video is that it “apparently takes place in a cocaine factory”

    2. theskig Avatar

      Immagino tu sia Italiano 🙂 Ce l’ho ancora in testa oggi a 20 anni di distanza

      1. Jofes2 Avatar

        I’m actually not Italian. I found these clips by chance and I don’t even understand most of what they’re singing. 😀

        1. theskig Avatar

          Ahahah incredible!
          If you’re Italian and born in the 80’s you’ll know it by heart 🙂 Never imagined it’s appreciated abroad!

          1. Jofes2 Avatar

            I’m probably alone with this over here. All I can do is to spread the word. XD

  7. onrails Avatar

    On the classical side of things… John Adams’ “Short Ride in a Fast Machine” is pretty good. His commentary on the title included “You know how it is when someone asks you to ride in a terrific sports car, and then you wish you hadn’t?” It all works out in the end though… after a couple of minutes of chaos (including wondering how the musicians are keeping up) it starts to all come together. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LoUm_r7It8

  8. Maymar Avatar

    It’s about a car, maybe, probably?
    A revving Lamborghini making a cameo is pretty super-80s though, so that’s neat

    1. Tanshanomi Avatar

      It was supposedly about David Lee Roth’s car, but he’d named that car after a race car he’d once seen named “Panama Express.”

  9. GTXcellent Avatar

    Well, being a Mopar fan, I’ll throw my vote to a song about a “brand new, shiny red, super-stock Dodge

    1. Batshitbox Avatar

      All Mopar fans should look up songs by The Demonics, a drag-punk band from SF in the ’90s with songs like “Mopar or No Car”, “Jesus Chrysler Super Stock” and “383 Super Bee”

      1. Jfalcon Avatar

        Thank you for this, simply awesome.

      2. Please Stand By Avatar
        Please Stand By

        Absolute bad ass, thank you sir! Man’s Ruin had the primo bands back then.

  10. Kiefmo Avatar

    On the country side of things, we have Brad Paisley, whose Telecaster must surely be smoking at the end of every song.

  11. PotbellyJoe★★★★★ Avatar

    It may not be the best on this list, but it is the only one on the list that is about a matchbox car.
    Presidents of the United States of America – Mach 5
    The firecracker blow
    An urge overload
    The wild plastic fire
    Smoke from the tire
    Layin’ a little patch
    Without a single scratch
    Between the hammer and the rock I
    Can see bright blue mach 5
    It’s my mach 5
    Oh my goodness
    It’s the most beautiful little thing I’ve ever seen in my life
    It’s blue on the outside and all creamy on the interior
    I can’t bring myself to smash it
    So I take it for a ride on a sunny summer Sunday afternoon
    I’m riding with the top down
    Riding with the top down
    Riding with the top down
    Hell I blew the top right of my car

  12. quattrovalvole Avatar

  13. Please Stand By Avatar
    Please Stand By


    1. W Vyvyan Avatar
      W Vyvyan

      Unexplained fires are a matter for the courts

  14. Please Stand By Avatar
    Please Stand By

    I’m a big fan of Mr. Cash and his unique Cadillac mow-chine.

  15. Please Stand By Avatar
    Please Stand By

    1950 Shoebox Ford is the star of this one.

    1. pj134 Avatar

      Awesome choice, I can’t wait to see them again. In that same vein:

      1. mad_science Avatar

        Scrolled down to post this. Thanks for saving me the trouble.

        1. pj134 Avatar

          I spotted Jimbo on the street outside of the venue the last time I saw them. Got to talk to him for a little bit, dude was cool as hell.

          1. Please Stand By Avatar
            Please Stand By

            Sweet! I got to see them in ’95 as an opening act, it was my first exposure to them. Hell of a show.

  16. Cool_Cadillac_Cat Avatar

    One of my faves.

    I need three deuces…

  17. pj134 Avatar

    I gotta go with the Rocket 88.

  18. mzszsm Avatar

    I might be crazy but En gammal Amazon tops even Alabama’s Dixieland Delight, and that’s some high praise.

  19. W Vyvyan Avatar
    W Vyvyan

    It’s just got to be this: Four Wheel Drive by C.W. McCall (of Convoy fame)

  20. David Avatar

    Even earlier than the Chevrolet Six, from 1909

  21. Batshitbox Avatar

    Barracuda!!!! Not actually about the car, but all I think about through the whole song is A-Body Barracudas.

  22. Batshitbox Avatar

    The Rave-Ups / Jimmer Podrasky wrote a song about and AMC Gremlin in 1980, before it was hip to be ironic about Gremlins. (Best lyric, “She’s So Fine My One Oh Nine”)

  23. Please Stand By Avatar
    Please Stand By

    Nothing beats Iggy Pop singing the praises of a bad ass Mustang.

    1. JayP Avatar

      Or Dragula or about every other song he’s written…

    1. theskig Avatar

      Grande Albertone!

  24. mzszsm Avatar

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5yt0gXLkh0 Having trouble loading this page at this point, hope El Camino is not up yet.

  25. JayP Avatar


    What’s funny I browsed a jeep forum looking for the link… I found a thread on songs about jeeps. This wasn’t in the list. Posers.

  26. Daniel Walker Avatar
    Daniel Walker

    Definitely Shut Down by the Beach Boys about a 63 Stingray. The last line is “I’ve got a fuel injected engine sitting under my hood.” Only a true car guy could come up with this.

    1. Tanshanomi Avatar

      Carl Schrieber of The Duvalls seems like a pretty hardcore car guy, too.

  27. Age_of_Aerostar Avatar

    Nanci Griffith.. Ford Econoline.

  28. Age_of_Aerostar Avatar

    or… just because….
    Neil Young — “I’m the Ocean”
    “I’m not present I’m a drug
    that makes you dream
    I’m an Aerostar
    I’m a Cutlass Supreme
    In the wrong lane
    Trying to turn
    against the flow
    I’m the ocean
    I’m the giant undertow”

  29. Windbüchse Avatar

    Beep Beep – The Little Nash Rambler

  30. Fuhrman16 Avatar

    What about Sausalito Summernight by Diesel? It’s basically about taking a road trip in a hooptie Rambler.

  31. Tanshanomi Avatar

    Love that song. Good memories.

  32. 0A5599 Avatar

  33. ctr Avatar

    4 speed dual quad positraction 409!

    1. theskig Avatar

      Oh yeah it’s the first that came in my mind!
      The Beach Boys!

  34. Guest Avatar

    Recent song. Yes, the “main car” is actually a Winnebago, but getting it running and going to Talladega for the races sounds like something a true Hoon would do.

  35. spotarama Avatar

    going to put this one here but its going in ‘last call’ too cos its such an awesome song (and album) that everyone needs to see it

  36. JayP Avatar

    Google Kamakiriad.
    Fagen’s second solo effort well steeped in Dan.
    That album came out in a time where I was banging on the MG in college. The whole album chronicles his futuristic trip in his “steam powered 10.” Hit me hard. In my top 3 albums.