Hooniverse Asks- What Car is Your Chariots of Fire?

Period English dramas, like period English sports cars, are an acquired taste. Chariots of Fire, a drama about British runners competing in the 1924 Olympics, was one flavor that was adopted by many, including a sufficient number of Academy members to garner the film seven nominations and four wins, including best picture. The thing of it is, in the years since its release, many have opined that Chariots of Fire is not really all that good.

Now, take that as you may, and perhaps you do not share that view considering CoF to actually have held up, but it still brings to mind the issue of something gaining huge popularity, only later to have even its advocates slapping their foreheads and exclaiming what were we thinking?! A similar arc happened with parachute pants back in the Nineties. At that point, what was once an object of general positive attention, become one to be shunned.

And that occurs with cars too. I remember distinctly when Chrysler introduced the PT Cruiser, everyone fawned over its retro, mini hotrod styling, and accessible price. It was but a few years later that discovering you had been assigned a PT by the rental desk could ruin your vacation. Today, people cross themselves when seeing one on the street. But that’s only a single example of a Chariots of Fire car – albeit one that many would not be adverse to seeing as an actual chariot on-fire – there must be more.  What car comes to mind when you hear that Vangelis theme, and start imagining everything in slo-mo? What car is your Chariots of Fire?

Image: [imcdb]

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