Hooniverse Asks- What Car Has Most Failed to Live Up to Your Expectations?

If you’re a woman then you’re probably used to being disappointed. I mean, you earn less for the same work, there’s the monthly visit from Aunt Flo that you have to contend with, and even when you are stereotypically the last survivor in a horror movie, you still have little more to wear than a white tank top. Of course one area of disappointment where there is gender equality is in the automotive world. We all have had our hopes held high based on pre-introductory buzz only to have them dashed when we can actually experience the thing.

So, no matter which side of your pants the zipper resides, today’s question is something to which I think we can all relate. How many times have you perhaps seen a car, or read/heard tell about how amazing it was going to be, only to be underwhelmed by your first meeting? I remember back in the late eighties when there were three small sports cars rumored to be soon released. The magazines all had grainy photos of development cars, their black camouflaged unable to fully mask their open-topped intrigue. These were the Mazda MX-5, the Honda Del Sol, and Mercury’s Australian-sourced Capri. Only one of those delivered on the hype leading up to release, and I’ll let you guess which it was.

That’s an example, but what is yours? Did you jones for a GT350 your entire life only to discover them to be noisy, coarse and to possess only a fraction of the capabilities of your modern V6 Stang? Or, was it that flying car that Popular Mechanics has been promising for the past forty years and yet you’re still stuck in ground-level traffic? Whatever the source, what car has most failed to meet your expectations?

Image: [memegenerator]

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