Hooniverse Asks- What Car Doesn't Interest You When New, But Fills You With Want When Used?

Just like Tarzan, the NAIAS, this week is in full swing, and the last two Hooniverse Asks have been about yet to be released cars that debuted at the Detroit iron orgy. This raised the hackles of a couple of Hoons, who will go nameless, but since they did find it incredulous that Hooniverse might deem something still under warranty discussion-worthy, I thought it best to switch things up and go old school with today’s question. Lest you consider that a capitulation, rest assured they will be receiving a burning bag of poo on their doorstep in due time.

I kid.

Actually, all the bitching and moaning did bring up an interesting conundrum, which is, what cars are completely unpalatable when dealer fresh, but seem okay once the new wears off?  For me, that’s the M5. Buying BMW’s hottest mid-sizer with nothing on the clock and a huge price tag on the window is about as appealing to me as getting my ass waxed, and I think it makes about as much sense. Depreciation on BMWs – especially the pricier models – could be a new thrill ride at Six Flags – the terrifying wallet drop! – making people who plunk down the dealer dowery objects of either derision, or pity. But wait a few years and suddenly what was an $80K you’re dreamin’ machine is now a $12,000 hootenanny in which it really doesn’t matter whether you use Mobil 1 any more, or how many times you fart in its fancy pants upholstery.

That’s one car I think – much like certain wines and Diane Lane – that just gets better (and balls-cheaper) with age. Sure, some people like a car that’s both factory tight and un-befouled by others, but I say, embrace the befouling, if not the befouler, you’ll be happier and richer for doing so. Should you concur, what are some cars that you think don’t pass muster when new, but suddenly are desirable when they’ve got a little used on them?

Image source: [CarFab]

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