Hooniverse Asks- What Car Do You Love Except For Its Name?

Shakespeare is famous for writing – among other things – “That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet“, meaning that it didn’t really matter what dumb name your parents gave you. That goes for cars as well. The jaunty coupe above, with its two tone white over black paint and fashionable wrap-around windscreen? Why that’s the Gaylord. It was penned by Brooks Stevens, and hand built with the intention of being the finest American sports car of the era

Now, that era was 1957, and while that pre-dates me, I’m pretty sure that Gaylord had the same kind of negative insinuation then as it does today, no matter if it was the surname of the Chrysler Hemi-powered car’s benefactors. There have been other cars that have been kind of cool, until you get to their name. Remember the Ford Probe? That Mazda 6-based coupe, especially in turbo form was a potent competitor to the Japanese sporty coupes of the time, but of course none of them had names that implied Alien abduction and poking around in your back door.

Have there been cars or trucks that have set your heart a flutter only until you’ve heard their name which then made your heart sink? What cars do you cotton to, in everything but their name?

Image: [Carstyling.ru]

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