Hooniverse Asks- What Car Can Most Successfully Pull Off White?

Back in the sixties Cream famously sang In the white room with black curtains near the station. Inscrutable lyrics, emblematic opening, excellent driving song. But unlike that monochromatic room with its contrasting drapery, it’s hard to find a car that is quite so impactful when cloaked  in white. In fact, when it comes to white and cars, that color is inexorably linked to the similarly hued shoes and matching belt combos typifying residents of the city of Cleveland Ohio. Burn-on great river, burn-on.

But that’s not to say all white cars are the automotive equivalent of Sansabelt slacks and the early bird special at Ruby Tuesdays, some cars don’t just look good in white, but actually brutal – like a snow-covered fist to the face. It does take a special car, and effective use of trim and the designer’s keen eye to pull it off, but there are cars that are not only acceptable in white, their shape almost demands the color. Some examples are – ambulances, the Popmobile, and wedding limos that aren’t black. 

I kid, but seriously, there are cars that when painted the shade of a long-term cave-dweller can still elicit a damn baby, you so fine, which ones do you think do so the best?

Image: [NatGeo]

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