Hooniverse Asks – What are the Most Awesome Cars Built by U.S.-Based Car Companies That Were Never Sold Here?

cadillac-bls-wagon-front-view Have you ever been denied some lovin’ by your significant other? Or, if you haven’t reached that point in life yet, ever had your mom take a delicious home-baked pie to the neighbors? Sure, they had a family member in the hospital, but dang mom, where are your priorities?  That’s kind of how we feel hen one of our domestic makers lays down some cool iron on the car buyers in another land, totally shining-on the homeboys. What’s that all about? You know what I’m talking about, right? Ford and their European Escorts and RS200s (my favorite all-time ride) and the like. And what do we get? Well, yeah we got the Mustang GT, Aerobird, and a bunch of other cool stuff, but still. And what about General Motors and all their off-shore products that they purposefully deny us because they hate us or don’t think those cool cars are economically viable here. Yeah well, I think we should be the judges of that! There are at present three major auto makers that call the U. S. A. home even though one of those is owned by the Italians – oh the shame! All three of those U.S. car makers have global operations which means they build cars on pretty much every continent but Antarctica, and if they could get penguins to hold a torque wrench they’d be there too. Considering all the cool rides that North American-based car makers build outside our borders, which are the coolests ones that they never let come here? Image: TruckTrend

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