Hooniverse Asks- What 18-Wheeler Stirs Your Loins?

Whether fetishized in the likes of Smokey and the Bandit and Convoy, or rolled past in the number two lane on the freeway, there’s something mesmerizing about big trucks. Maybe it’s the sheer size – much like that of commercial aircraft – which is amazingly controlled by a single individual. Or perhaps it’s the fact that some of them carry along their own mini apartments. Whatever the reason, I’m sure you find 18-wheelers as fascinating as do the rest of us. 

Here in the U.S. tractor-trailers are limited to a single ‘semi’ trailer, or at most two tag-a-long trailers. In Australia however – the land where everything except for bikinis is done to excess – they have things called road trains that can be three trailers long… four trailers long… five… you name it! The only thing holding them back is the power output of the massive diesels dragging all that didgeridoo. And that’s another reason to love big trucks – they have huge engines, transmissions with like a gazillion gears, and exhaust stacks that belch ocherous particulate like Satan’s own chili farts. What’s not to like?

That love of big trucks probably goes back to your youth when you either had over-sized Tonka trucks as playthings, or were already jacking the real thing for fun, but is there one big-ass truck that stands stacks and diesel tanks above the rest in your estimation? Whether it be Mack, or Kenworth, Man or Volvo, is there an 18-Wheeler that has stolen your heart?

Image: [carstyling.ru]

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