Hooniverse Asks- The Indy 500, How Was It For You?

Whether it was Mike Conway’s crash, or the comedy of errors that left fuel nozzles on cars, and tires bouncing merrily across pit lane, the Indy 500 had a number of WTF? moments. Did you watch the race, and if so, what was your take on both the track hijinks and ESPN’s coverage?
I can’t recall seeing so many loose tires and rolling pit crew members at any Brickyard event in the past, but there have been breath-catching crashes like Conway’s. A broken back and shattered left ankle will sideline the racer for at least three months, but his prognosis for recovery seems good.
Aside from that horrific last lap crash there were a number of more minor shunts that thinned traffic, and the aforementioned pit antics made you wonder just who was calling the shots down there.
But Franchitti made it all look easy. His $2.75 million win is his second, and along with being married to the lovely Ashley  Judd, makes this guy’s life pretty envy worthy. Not only that but the Conway crash meant he only had to dodge wreckage to make it past the checkered. Not the three-wide race to the flag and photo finish many fans hope for.
But was the race everything you had hoped for? Did you watch it from Jack Nicholson’s opening declaration to the Target-branded car’s final slide under the flag and Franchetti’s savoring of the traditional bottle of milk in the winner’s circle?
Or, was the race like a glass of warm milk, setting your internal clock on snooze?
Image sources: [Mark Miller- AP via the Washington Post, Michael Conroy- AP via NBCSports]

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18 responses to “Hooniverse Asks- The Indy 500, How Was It For You?”

  1. BGW Avatar

    They still run that?

  2. acarr260 Avatar

    I was in southern Indiana, hanging out at the family farm for the long weekend. Apparently we're too close to Indy (two hours) – they seemed to have blacked out our area. I spent the day helping my dad work on the fuel system and hub of his F250.
    Off topic: Does anyone on here know anything about the F250 PowerStrokes that were manufactured in Canada? Apparently they use different parts than more of the regular production models. Long story short, we can't find parts for the beast now (fuel regulator).

  3. muthalovin Avatar

    I have to say, I did not watch. My default reason is that I don't have a teevee, but my real reason is that the Indy 500 has never interested me. Give me some old Group B vidjas, a MotoGP or F1 race instead.

  4. Jim Avatar

    I live in Indy and can hear the race from my house; I'm just a couple miles off Georgetown but probably four miles north of the track. I know all sorts of people love the event, and some even love the race, but it is just a major traffic snarl in my book. I don't dip south of 38th St. all race weekend.

  5. engineerd Avatar

    I watched a few laps near the end (about 26 to go) and figured Franchitti had it won. The rest of the time I was outside cleaning up a flower bed and cleaning out gutters.

    1. dmilligan Avatar

      That reminds me that I need to clean my gutters too. Thanks a lot, I hate cleaning gutters.

  6. R.W. in S.F. Avatar
    R.W. in S.F.

    For unusual & insightful (but mostly unusual) commentary on the 500 see Clunkbucket's report. Where does Bumbeck find these people? Where do YOU find these people? Brilliant. I'm a motorbike guy but this site is too entertaining, thanks.

  7. dmilligan Avatar

    I tried to watch the start of the race, but every time they went green someone would spin off into the infield after a lap and then it was back to yellow again. I got bored and went out to the shop and made big pieces of wood smaller.

  8. B72 Avatar

    Wasn't there a drama a while back about whether Indy was part of some series, and what cars they would use?
    I don't follow Indy, but even so, I used to hear more of a lead up to the race. Did they alienate everybody or something? This got no play in the news.

  9. ssurfer321 Avatar

    I heard there was an event in the midwest in which people were going fast and turning left.
    Fortunately the Mrs. and I were at a B&B in Petoskey snarled in I-75SB traffic during said event.

  10. joshuman Avatar

    I was still DVR-ing my way through the F1 race. After Vettel expressed his stupidity and the MacLaren boys showed their class, I didn't feel like watching people turn left. Besides, I had five kids (ages 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1) in my charge for a few hours so they did need some attention. I figured anything important that happened at the 500 would shake out in the news.

  11. rikadyn Avatar

    my nap at about half way.

  12. Alff Avatar

    Great! I didn't watch it.
    I used to go to the Vancouver and Portland races every year, and follow all the others. After the split, I never went back.
    Actually, not true. I went to the Indy race at Kansas Speedway a couple of years ago. Watching them run live on an oval was entertaining but not something I could get all at excited about.

  13. MarionCobretti Avatar

    I still watch. I grew up in Indiana, back when the race had greater significance. I've attended a few years, and also attended CART/Champ Car at Mid Ohio and Milwaukee. I even watched Indy during the IRL years, despite not watching any other IRL races.
    I've seen better races. The finish under yellow didn't bother me, but the fact that every driver and team that might have been able to challenge Franchitti put themselves out of contention one way or another made the whole affair a bit dull.
    Also, for those of you who did watch, which commercials were more annoying? The known quantity of Danica Patrick's smutty GoDaddy ads? Or the sappy Firestone "Take me out the Brickyard"? I found myself muting both, and in the end was actually more peeved by the Firestone ad.

  14. ZomBee Racer Avatar

    I used to watch the Indy 500 as a kid back when it was the superbowl of motorsports and still mattered. Then something happened… people got pissy, nobody was anyone anymore. This was in the days before the intertubes/wikipedia and I had difficulty trying to figure out what was what (Indy, Cart, IRL, USAC, F1, Champ, Formula 2, Formula 3000, F3?) and no one else could explain it to me either. All I knew was the cars all looked the same, and it got harder and harder to figure out who the heroes were. Each section seemed snobbier and more excluding than the last, and fans were left behind.
    Nature abhors a vacuum. Mine was filled by dirt-track, then NASCAR for a while. Now we have crap-can racing and I see no reason to look back other than nostalgia. And that's too bad. It used to be a magical event…

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