Hooniverse Asks- The C5 Corvette, Collectable or Forgettable?

Corvette 5

The debut of any new Corvette is reason to celebrate, as America’s sports car seems to get better with ever generation. Today we’re up to 7 and a lineage that stretches back fully 60 years. That latest Vette is polarizing, and as it’s just at the outset of its run it’s hard to say what impact it will have on the marque’s legacy. Today I want your opinion on an earlier Vette, that being the 1997-2004 5th generation, and whether or not you think that’s a car that’s a potential collectable.

Corvettes and collect-ability have been kind of hit or miss. Early models bring mega-bucks, while the lugubrious late ’70s editions and the electronic nightmare mid-’80s cars remain unloved and relatively cheap. The C5 represents a number of firsts and lasts for the marque- first production Vette with a transaxle and the last with pop-up headlights being notable examples. It also was the first Corvette made in more than just fastback and convertible models, the mighty ZO6 being offered as a closed coupe with a trunk, another marque first. On the downside, the C5’s styling was led by John Cafaro, whose years at Pontiac – he was assistant designer on the Fiero – were obvious in the Vette’s shape.

Styling is of course subjective and really it’s what’s under the skin – in the case of the C5 that being sheet molded composite – that counts. But does the C5 have what it counts under the skin to potentially draw big bucks down the road? Will it join the original and Sting Ray models in the pantheon of great Corvettes? Or will it be keeping company with those late ’70s cars? What do you think, is the C5 collectable or is it forgettable?

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