Hooniverse Asks: Special NYIAS Edition – What's The Coolest Concept Taxi?

As you may or may not know, the New York International Auto Show held its press days Wednesday and Thursday, debuting a lot of new metal that Manhattanites would never even consider buying because  I’m walking’ here, I’m walking’ here! For those of us not trapped in the city that never sleeps Hooniverse was there both days, snapping pictures, taking notes, and farting in every single concept car to leave a lasting impression. Those fogged up windows on the new Viper? Yup, that would be Jeff.

Now that the show is open to the great unwashed, it’s time to get out of town while the getting is good, and that means riding in the back of one of New York’s multitude of taxis. There was a new NY Taxi which debuted at the show – a practical but ungainly Nissan van that will be even more of an eyesore when it goes into service than the current ad-plastered Crown Vics currently peppering the streets.

Sure, NY missed a chance to go with something  unique and beautiful to replace those old Fords and the occasional Town Car or Hybrid Escape, but then they’ve been screwing the pooch when it comes to defining quality aesthetics in cars for hire for decades, and that’s where you come in today. While the Hooniverse crüe is making its way out of the Big Apple, what we want to know is which of all the taxi concepts that have been foisted on unreceptive cities over the years, is the coolest. Could it be ItalDesign’s  Alfa Romeo One Box from 1976? Or perhaps it was Ford’s Transitaxi from a couple years back? Whichever you think, fire up that Google image search and let us know which you think isn’t just Guggenheim worthy, but really gets your meter running.

Image: [carstyling.ru]

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