Hooniverse Asks- SPECIAL EDITION: What's an Awesome Auto-Related Groomsman Gift?

Today we were alerted to a Hoon in distress. The Hoon signal lit up the sky – unsurprisingly looking like a giant pair of truck nuts – and we immediately responded. Lifetime Hooniverse BFF and multi-LeMons participant, LTD Scott hit us up with a conundrum he is facing. It seems that Scott is getting married in a month and his fiancée has acquiesced to allow a bit of an automotive theme to the reception – slot car track, oil can cheese whiz dispensers and the like – which of course makes her a keeper. Her wedding day is something that most every girl begins planning while still in the womb, but for guys it’s more about how do I look her father in the eye considering he knows what I’m going to do to his daughter in about 4 hours. I’m kidding of course, but there are still some aspects of the event for which a groom is singularly responsible, and I can tell you from experience that staying sober is one of the hardest. In Scott’s case, the challenge with which he is being faced is finding a killer Groomsman’s gift that is imbued with the following: sincerity, gratitude, and surprise. Oh, and it needs to be auto-related. You see, Scott’s Groomsmen aren’t just a pack of dudes pulled from the Home Depot parking lot like at my wedding, they are his Porcubimmer/Prickstine team mates from over the years. As you can imagine, that’s a discriminating bunch. Scott has looked into options like LeMons-themed slot cars, autographed pictures of Murilee Martin, and maybe eloping. None of those however has seemed a winning idea for his around fifty bills gift for those who will be keeping him vertical on that oh-so memorable day. That’s where you come in, oh great teaming Hoon masses. What we need from you today, in this very special episode of Different Strokes Hooniverse Asks, is to help a Hoon and give Scott some ideas of what would be the PERFECT car-related groomsman’s gift. And remember, the dude’s only got a month, so be quick about it. Image source: [porcubimmer]

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